How To Make it in Philly as a Musician

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We are always interested in the local music scenes throughout cities across the country. Here’s a look at the state of the Philadelphia scene from Flying Kite Media and some local Philadelphia producers and musicians:

Who would have figured we’d have the Schuylkill River to thank for depth of musical talent in Philadelphia. The Schuylkill provides millions of gallons of water to the city. And according to Philadelphia music producer and engineer Phil Nicolo, the state of music in Philadelphia is as vibrant as ever thanks to the water. “I don’t know; it must be in the water,” he says when asked to explain the bevy of musical talent in Philly.

Nicolo should know. He’s been making it in Philly as a music industry professional for 35 years. Nicolo, who along with his brother Joe and Chris Schwartz founded Ruffhouse Records in 1989, recently wrapped a year-and-a-half stint as tour manager for Lauryn Hill and says building a career in music these days isn’t easy. “But it’s never been,” he says. “To make it today, in Philadelphia or any place, you have to be a 360 degree person.”

A 360 degree person? Yes. You need a niche. It’s not good enough to be simply a musician if you want to find success. You have to be your own producer, booking agent, PR and marketing agency, he says. “You need to think beyond just making or performing music. You need to recognize the market and feed it what it likes.”

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