DVDs and CDs by Direct Mail: Smart, Cost-Effective, and Surprisingly Sticky

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This post was excerpted from Disc Makers new white paper, DVDs and CDs By Direct Mail: Smart, Cost Effective, and Surprisingly Sticky. Download this FREE resource today!

With a multitude of available media channels, you might find yourself casting about for the best way to reach customers with your latest product announcements, sales info, promotions, educational pieces, and marketing collateral. On the surface, it might seem as though online media advertising always offers the best bet for driving customers to your products and services. But, according to some very compelling surveys recently, there are significant benefits to direct mail delivery of DVDs or CDs – in terms of both cost and impact.

The statistics are worth a look, and this technique may be the way for your business to extend marketing dollars and ensure that customers give attentive consideration to your pitches and products.

The stats demonstrate the results
A study completed in October 2010 – sponsored by DiscMail Direct in collaboration with the Direct Marketing Association – suggests that people pay more attention to discs that arrive in the mail than to the usual digital media advertising vehicles, including banner ads, email blasts, etc.

As summarized in a piece published in The Street, Research Finds Consumers Prefer Direct Mail Use of DVDs and Compact Discs, the study tracked behaviors when consumers received discs in the mail.

The results revealed:
• Number of respondents who received a DVD/CD in the mail and opened the mailer: 91%
• Number who played the discs in a computer or player: 73%
• Number of respondents who felt that a DVD was more secure than an email message: 59%
• Number of respondents who preferred receiving a DVD/CD in the mail rather than an email message from the same advertiser: 85%
• Number of respondents who stated they would spend as much or more time with a direct mail piece if it included a DVD/CD: 89%

In an October 2010 article published in Deliver (a publication of the United States Postal Service), Guy Finley, director of the DiscMail Direct Coalition, observed, “In the case studies we’ve reviewed and the research we’ve done with the DMA, we haven’t seen anything less than 10 percent in terms of response rate. When you put a disc in the mail, engagement rates automatically go up to double digits. It all comes back to that perceived value. The customer is getting something special. They’ll even pass it along.”

Direct mail marketing campaigns are also highly measurable, so you can determine whether your marketing dollars are being spent in a way that delivers a reasonable return. Using a form of tracking gives you the opportunity to analyze and assess the response from specific customers or a mailing list. Tracking can be linked to key codes, particular telephone numbers, unique URLs, a certain email address, or other identifier. Ideally, the design of your CD or DVD can incorporate an easy-to-use link where customers can respond to your call to action, whether that involves contacting a customer service representative, purchasing a product directly, or signing up for a seminar or conference. This link can generate very precise, actionable tracking data.

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This post was excerpted from Disc Makers new white paper, DVDs and CDs By Direct Mail: Smart, Cost Effective, and Surprisingly Sticky. Download this FREE resource today!

3 thoughts on “DVDs and CDs by Direct Mail: Smart, Cost-Effective, and Surprisingly Sticky

  1. @matt: most people don’t know the U.S. Postal Service has a new program called EDDM Retail which stands for Every Door Direct Mail – Retail. Customers can mail up to 5000 pieces of mail per day, to a targeted geographical area no address required, (or bulk mail permit) for 14.2 cents per piece. The great news is CD’s qualify as long as the slim cardboard type jackets are used. All musicians should jump on this!  for details goto http://www.usps.com then to the link Business Customer Gateway. It’s very easy to use.

  2. Sounds like a great concept. I could agree that people would much rather have music in their hands to listen to rather than get a link spammed to their email.
    And I think the CD in the mail is a surefire way to get junk mail read, well, listened to.

    I have 0% of my fans home addresses though. So I don’t see this working music wise.

  3. Compelling evidence! DVDs are also more compatible with hardware – when was the last time you had to go back to the video store because the DVD wasn’t compliant with your DVD player? Browsers and operating systems present so many variables that it can be difficult to create a unified user experience. DVDs also don’t have to worry about bandwidth.
    Great article. Thanks for sharing.

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