Study Shows Prospects Prefer Discs

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According to a study sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association and DiscMail Direct (as reported by Direct Marketing News), 91% of respondents said they would rather open a mailer that contains a DVD or CD than one without. The study, released at the DMA 2010 Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco, also found that three-quarters (73%) of the 800+ respondents said they played the discs they received in the mail on their computer.

In addition, the research shows that 59% of the respondents believe a DVD is more secure than email, and 85% prefer receiving a DVD or CD rather than an email.

As email in-boxes become increasingly cluttered, direct mail has benefitted: there’s less competition, making it more impactful, particularly if you are reaching out to prospects to whom you’ve never marketed.

According to eSecurity Planet, spam email made up an estimated 82% of all traffic in the third quarter of 2010. It’s very easy for your introductory message/offer to get lumped in with the torrent of spam. Conversely, a direct-mail piece containing something with a high perceived value, a DVD for instance, is a cost-effective way of delivering a message with impact.

Direct Mail Responds
Putting your message in the mail gives you all the control. You seek out your prospects and customers based on demographic criteria and literally thrust your information into their hands. Consider that:

– Mailing is affordable. Mailers can still deliver a powerful and complete message at a fraction of the cost of print, outdoor, or broadcast advertising.

– Mailing is scalable. How many new customers can you handle? You can control, with reasonable accuracy, the number of leads or customers you generate by the amount you mail. Over time, astute mailers can pinpoint response rates and make precise plans for handling phone calls, web requests, and other responses.

– Mailing is measurable. Including a DVD or ROM linking to unique web pages that track source codes – and collecting information when responses or phone calls come in – is basic smart marketing.

– Mailings are targeted. Your message is delivered only to the range of customers and prospects you choose. Mail to prospects or clients from your own database, or choose from the millions of names available through list brokers. Whether you’re mailing a million pieces a day like Victoria’s Secret, or a few dozen a day like the pizza shop on the corner, an impactful mailing can have immediate, trackable results.

The following is excerpted from Disc Makers white paper, Marketing with CDs and DVDs: How discs can increase response, build communities, and boost ROI. Click here to download your copy.

A Huge Boost in Response Rates
Essex Technology Group (EssexTec) provides server virtualization solutions and deploys highly cost-effective systems that maximize server resource use. It’s a complex and specialized field, and the first step in harvesting prospects comes in the form of a CD-ROM that invites the recipient to a seminar where the virtues of this technology are explained.

Packed with links, videos, and PDFs that explain virtualization, EssexTec’s CD-ROMs have proven a very effective tool for drawing prospective customers. Response rates from the CD-ROM mailings typically draw more than four times the response rates of printed mailings the company previously used – they’ve increased their response by 400% with these CD-ROMs.

“We use the CD-ROM to hot link directly to our website,” says Lee Sowers, Vice President of Marketing for the Essex Technology Group. “We link right to the landing page for the event. The page describes the event in more detail, gives an agenda, discusses what we’ll be talking about, and provides an opportunity to register online.”

“We used to use traditional printed materials to get across the same information and we would typically have 10 people show up at a lunch. When we use the CD-ROMs, we usually have over 40 participants attend, so our response has increased by over 400 percent using the CDs.”

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