The Thing About Ping, Apple’s New Social Network

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PingApple announced last week that they were launching a new social network called Ping which is integrated into their ubiquitous iTunes player. Ping allows music fans and artists to interact and share details about their listening habits. This is another great way for musicians to market themselves, share content, display concert info, and boost sales (artist profiles link to iTunes artist pages). Unfortunately, Apple is currently only allowing artists to start profiles by “invitation only,” though anyone with an iTunes account is welcome to start a user profile. CD Baby is currently investigating the possibility of getting indie artists included in this new network.

Features According to Apple’s Website:

  • “Follow your favorite artists with a click and become part of their inner circle.”
  • “Get in on the action with artist photos and status updates. Even add comments to join the conversation.”
  • “Find out what music an artist likes and pick up a few recommendations.”
  • “Ping is built into the iTunes app on iPhone and iPod touch. So you can see artist updates from anywhere.”

Granted, it has only been around for a few days, but Ping does still have a few big obstacles to deal with before it becomes a runaway smash hit. The two big oversights thus far are that Ping has no Facebook integration or friend-importing function. Check out this article from All Facebook for more more info on Ping’s weaknesses. Steve Jobs has said already that Facebook integration is not out of the question, but it would require more favorable terms.

It is tough right now to gauge Ping’s impact on the music world, but the next few weeks will be telling. Do you have thoughts, opinions, or knowledge to share on Apple’s latest unveiling? Feel free to comment below.

One thought on “The Thing About Ping, Apple’s New Social Network

  1. A feature of Ping, something about “sharing playlists” is confusing to me, and perhaps someone can clarify: When sharing one’s playlist on iTunes through Ping, does this mean that one is sending (or swapping) one’s actual, copyrighted mp3’s of one’s music, or just sharing the titles of one’s favorite songs and/or albums? Thanks…pete

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