New Study Reports on CD and Radio Popularity

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Myxer just released a report from a recent study they conducted, showing some very encouraging news for independent artists. The overwhelming majority of their users are buying CDs, and just under half of them use the radio as their primary means of discovering new music.

Despite the rise in smartphone users, and increase in purchases of mobile entertainment content, traditional media channels (including packaged CDs, live events, radio and television) still remain a popular way for people to access new music and artists. Captured in the latest BoomBox report, Myxer today reveals some surprising user preferences as they relate to music purchases, behaviors and trends across its 35 million-member community.

Check out the full results on the Music Industry News Network.

One thought on “New Study Reports on CD and Radio Popularity

  1. This is not a surprising result – the old ways of doing things will remain since ways to “discover” music other than the traditional media routes is just too time intensive for most people. But what this “study” ignores (a self-reported questionnaire of just over 1000 users…seems a drop in the bucket of their reported 35 million member community) is the trend. Sure, 78% still purchased CD’s in the last year, but 63% also reported purchasing digital music; and I’m sure that latter number would have been significantly smaller if this survey was taken 2 years ago. . iTunes was reported to be the #1 choice for purchasing music with “other” pulling in the second spot…which is so amorphous a value to include ANY channel for music purchasing – so it tells us very little. What to take away from this is that you shouldn’t ignore either route for marketing your music since they both appear very close to equally viable…

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