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Kyle Cassidy is a Contributing Editor to and a visual artist who exhibits regularly and has written books on technology and photographic art.

The name YouTube has become so well known that it is no longer techno speak, but a huge part of the popular culture. Most people with a computer and Internet access have visited the site to search for videos ranging from how to tie a necktie to crowd-sourced news from foreign countries in turmoil. Indeed, after the controversial Iranian election of 2008, it was people on the streets uploading videos to places like YouTube that kept the world informed during a government imposed media blackout.

Easy Does It
One of the things that makes YouTube so powerful is its relative ease of use. If you’re savvy enough to use your non-linear editing software, getting your clip up on the web will seem easy. Once uploaded to the site it is quickly viewable by people in most places on Earth.

There are a few caveats to using this website though; one is that there are limitations on size and duration. Heeding complaints that the website was being used to distribute stolen movies and television, YouTube limited the length of files uploaded by most users to ten minutes, though they recommend keeping things at 2-3 minutes for the sake of a rapidly bored audience with millions of other videos to choose from. File size is also limited to two gigabytes.

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One thought on “Formatting For YouTube

  1. Could your next article compare Vimeo to YouTube.. I think Vimeo’s site is just as easy to upload and there not as strict as YouTube and Vimeo’s quality seems better and faster. However people do know more about Youtube than Vimeo.

    Cyrene Houdini

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