Burning Windsor Survives a Tornado – and Doesn’t Miss the Gig!

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Burning WindsorBeing an independent act on the road has its various pitfalls and obstacles. Traffic, bad clubs, bad weather, ornery soundmen… that’s all part of the deal. But few bands have ever had to cope with literally being swept off the road by a raging tornado while en route to a gig. That’s just what happened to Vicksburg, Mississippi’s Burning Windsor late last month.

On their way to playing a show at the New Daisy Theater in Memphis on Saturday, April 24th, the band found themselves driving right into the path of a tornado as they traveled north on I55. Unbelievably, injuries sustained by the members of the band amounted to scrapes and deep gashes, even though their Jeep was rolled 30 yards clear off the highway by the fierce storm.

Having lost almost all their gear and CDs in the carnage, the band managed to get to Memphis in time to play their show on instruments borrowed from other bands on the night’s bill. Disc Makers is providing 300 Digipaks free of charge to replace the CD inventory lost in the brutal storm.

You can find more info about Burning Windsor and their tornado survival on their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/burningwindsor.

They also shot a video as the tornado approached. You can find that on www.wlbt.com/global/story.asp?s=12373065.

2 thoughts on “Burning Windsor Survives a Tornado – and Doesn’t Miss the Gig!

  1. Wow – talk about a work ethic. Hats off to Burning Windsor for “making it work” and Disc Makers for helping out.

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