Make an Extra $500 a Show From Your Merch Table

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Daniel Kohn published an article on about a technique for selling more merch at gigs. He claims that he’s seen artists make an extra $500 a show by trying this method.

Basically what they did was right before their last song, the lead singer got on the mic and thanked everyone for coming down to watch them play. He then continued by saying –

“After our set, were going to be hanging out by the merch table so come and say hi!”

That was it. Nothing more nothing less. He wasn’t selling, pitching or promoting anything specifically that they actually had at their merchandise table, rather he was just informing everyone, in a very informal way that he’ll be hanging out over there.

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And please let us know if you’ve ever tried a technique like this and if it has worked!

3 thoughts on “Make an Extra $500 a Show From Your Merch Table

  1. Yes and no. I have had much more success “working the room” and asking for the sale. If you stand there waiting at the merch table you might be waiting awhile for nothing. Getting out of your comfort zone and talking to people that you don’t know is how to build a fan base (and sales).

  2. Thank you for this tip. I will use this technique over and over/ People stop us in the room to talk and why not go to the table and chit chat in a location that is safe and profitable for all

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