How to Create a Facebook Event for Your Shows

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How to create a Facebook Event for your showsWhen you have a show to promote, you’ll want to use every means available to promote it. This is very easy (and effective) to do with Facebook events, however a common problem is multiple band members creating separate “event” pages for the same event. What then happens is most of the mutual friends of the band will get three or four invitations to the same event, which looks like it’s three or four different events. This leads to a) your friends’ frustration that they keep getting different invites to the same show and b) your band looking at least ignorant or worse: like spammers. So, to avoid either of those happening, just follow these simple steps to properly creating an event on Facebook:

1. Log in to the Facebook and select “My Events” from the navigation menu.

2. Select the “Create an Event” button.

3. Fill in basic details about the show.

4. Choose the level of access to your event. If the event is open, anyone can see the details and add himself or herself to the guest list. You will probably want people to be able to invite their friends, so leave it “Open.”

5. Select the “Create Event” button.

6. Add details and upload a photo to represent the event.

7. Invite guests.

8. Once you’ve invited people, select “Edit Guest List”. From that page, you can find your band-mates whom you’ve invited and click the “Make Admin” button.

9. Tell your band-mates to invite their friends using the event you created.

10. Post a link to a web page related to the event, such as your MySpace page, website, or CD Baby page, where people can check out your music.

It’s that simple! With just a little foresight and coordination, you can easily invite everyone your band knows on Facebook. Don’t forget: All your friends can share the event with their Facebook friends which can lead to bigger audience turnouts, bigger merch sales, and more fun for you!

Originally posted on 2/19/10 on CD Baby’s The DIY Musician blog.

10 thoughts on “How to Create a Facebook Event for Your Shows

  1. Hi – In my case, I want to recruit my friends on FB to become fans of my music on Reverbnation. I have posted the invite on my wall with little result, and haven’t figured out how to send ALL my friends a message at once. Maybe I’ll try to set it up as an “event” and send everyone an invitation.

  2. The main problem is that if you are playing a show with 3 other bands (or a festival), then each band ends up creating an event because there is no way to add bands to events – and you are back to the original problem of multiple facebook events for the same event.

    But from the facebook point of view, it’s not going to be a high priority. More pages of the same event means more chances to advertise to the same people.

  3. Although Claire makes a good point, I disagree. It is better to make a facebook event from your personal page, instead of your band’s page.

    The reason I make facebook events from my personal page is because I have the ability message all invited guests a day or 2 before the show, reminding them to come.

    Facebook does not allow you to do this if you create the event with your band’s page. I wish you could. This is a silly feature on facebook’s part.

  4. actually, what you SHOULD do is create the event from your band’s FB page…. not from your personal profile as is described in this article. Then it will appear under the events tab for your band and show the band as the “creator” of the page. AND you can send messages to all the fans of your band’s page regarding the event.

    You can still invite your personal friends to the event… as can all your bandmates. You can also still add more admins to the event.

    Do create the event under your band FB page, first make sure you are an admin of the FB page. Then go to your band’s page and click on the Events tab for the page. Then click on “Create Event” and go though the process.

    1. Actually, I have not been able to do this. When I create an invite from the band page, I only see the friends that are in my personal friends list, not the fans. It is extremely frustrating. In fact, what is the point of having a fan page if you can’t communicate with them directly? It seems the only way you can communicate with fans is to post on your own wall. FB doesn’t even allow you to post on the wall of a fan unless they are a friend too. Pretty lame. In my opinion, there are so many limitations to the way Facebook is set up that it makes it very frustrating to use. The only advantage to it is that everyone is *still* on it. For now anyway. I’m sure it won’t be long before something better comes along that is more user friendly.

      And, Jeff, that’s yet another point of why it FB is so annoying! I didn’t realize that.

  5. Great tips and article.
    Face book is one of top 3 social networking sites. that should say how important it is to show your present there.

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