From DIY to Professional Musician

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Musician Steve Ansell of Blood Red Shoes has played (and continues to play) in many DIY bands. Blood Red Shoes’ second album, Fire Like This, was recently released, and Drowned in Sound got ahold of him to talk about what he’s learned over the past few years and what it was like to switch from the DIY punk scene to the corporate-sponsored festival arena scene.

Check out the article, called “10 Things I Have Learned: From a DIY band to a ‘professional musician’.”

1) “Professional” doesn’t mean you’re any better at something…
…it just means you make a living doing it. Actually there are a lot of areas of the “professional” music industry world where people are paid to look after certain things or do certain jobs as their “profession”, but in fact do them a lot worse than 15 year old punk kids do. Like Steve Albini once said, ‘punk rockers can do anything, if punk rockers were running NASA we’d be drinking tea on the moon by now.’

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