Spinning Lucy: On Their Own Terms

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It’s pretty obvious that if you throw 30 bands onstage that you’ll get 30 completely different sounds. But its also true that each of those bands will tell you a different story why they dedicate themselves to making music, what they are trying to get out of it, and how they spread the word about their band.

We recently caught up with Philly-area band Spinning Lucy at a show in Philly to find out exactly that. We had a video camera on hand and did a quick interview between bands, where they talked about goals, doing things on their own terms, and giving away CDs to help spread the word.

Check out the interview video here:

More Video: Spinning Lucy performing “White Out” at The Fire in Philadelphia


Full disclosure: Spinning Lucy, in addition to being a pretty great band, boasts a pretty great Disc Makers employee in Brian Pylant, one of our Prepress Managers. This place is crawling with musicians!

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