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double-breastedDisc Makers client double-breasted is a harp, cello, and drum ensemble based out of New Jersey. They wrote, produced, and packaged their first album, Who Will Love You?, completely independently. With the help of some talented friends, they were able to put out a great sounding and great looking record!

As a group, double-breasted strives to create great music in all aspects: recording, publishing, video, performing, and orchestration. They’d love to be successful enough to be able to give back to the community while being respected in the music industry for pioneering a harp, cello, drum couture/chamber rock ensemble.

But life is busy for independent musicians! double-breased reports, “We all have day jobs. Kristy and Ardith are also in grad school. Ardith is a music teacher, Josh is a marketing manager, and Kristy is a freelance harpist where she plays in hospital settings, weddings, concerts, and teaches private lessons.” In addition to all this they’re somehow still able to play gigs and write and record new material for an upcoming EP.

We’re all looking forward to hearing what double-breasted comes up with next!

Check out double-breasted on CD Baby and for more info.

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