Musicians Should Only Enter Data Once

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In today’s increasingly “e-social” music world, ArtistData (beta) has introduced a web service that promises to make musicians’ lives a little easier.

ArtistData offers an innovative way for musicians to manage their online presences on multiple networks. Through their online interface musicians can manage, publish, promote, and organize their music, events, and updates.

ArtistData tirelessly works to give musicians more time to be creative. We’re building solutions to automate the monotonous updating of artist websites, social network profiles, concert databases, Twitter, official news feeds, iCal, local press, fan newsletters, and even tour books. When an artist updates our site, we update all their sites. Our current users save hundreds of hours, giving them more time to do what they love: create music.

It will be interesting to see how popular this service becomes and if it really is a time-saver. If you use ArtistData, please let us know what you think of it!

Click here to visit the ArtistData website.

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