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This week we’ve interviewed Jessica, a designer from our Design Studio. Jessica’s design for Music in the Commons was selected as a finalist in the Design Studio’s Catalog Cover Search. Below, we have asked her a few questions about this particular design as well as a few general questions about what inspires her as an artist.

Music In The Commons

1. Did the client provide any design notes that inspired your design direction for this job?
The client only said they wanted something fun since it was for a music program at Vanderbilt University. The credits listed on the back gave me a clue as to which instruments to include in the design. They also mentioned that they wanted to use the colors from their logo.

2. What do you like most about this design?
I’m always delighted to use bold, bright colors, so the playfulness of the bright colors combined with the silhouettes of the various instruments is my favorite part.

3. How was this design created?
The design for this started out with the textured background. Next I used overlapping semi-transparent shapes and then I shifted parts of that around and added the vector images of the instruments. Some of the instruments started out as clip art that I then made into silhouetted vectors. There’s a lot of overlaying of element over element and playing with opacities.

4. What do you think makes this cover a successful one?
The liner notes state “…each student performer contributes in different ways to the sound scape of The Commons, collectively they weave a brightly colored tapestry of talent.” The cover perfectly captures that feeling the client was describing and sums up what the music is all about.

5. What are some of your favorite album covers of all time?
Jessica's Favorite Album Covers

6. What kind of design would you love to do that isn’t related to CD packaging and why?
One of my hugest obsessions is patterns (fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc.), so I’d have to say I’d jump on the opportunity to do textile or surface designs in an instant!

7. What can the client do to inspire a designer the most?
Design examples are always appreciated – if there’s something you like, let us know! Even if it’s just a color palette you saw somewhere or a particular font on a jazz compilation you noticed, it helps us out to get a feel for your personal likes (and even dislikes!)

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