The 20 Best R.E.M. Songs of All Time

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Paste Magazine’s Josh Jackson selected his favorite 20 R.E.M. songs of all time.

If there was a single band that shaped my teenage ears, that shook me from the confines of classic rock radio and awakened me to quirky, adventuresome college rock, it was R.E.M.

Soon after discovering Document, I had worked my way back through every cassette in their catalog. And when that was exhausted, I started looking for other bands that just sounded something like R.E.M. I felt sheltered, even betrayed, learning that all this music had been made during my adolescence—just up the road in Athens—while I was mowing the lawn to Foreigner.

Top 20:
20. “King of Birds” (Document)
19. “These Days” (Life’s Rich Pageant)
18. “World Leader Pretend” (Green)

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What do you think? Would you change the order of these or add/subtract some songs?

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