Safety and Bleed: An Interpretive Ballad

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Chris from our Pre-Press department sings his heart out about safety and bleed (two important things you’ll need to ensure the best results with your supplied design).

Magnified Template

  • Crop marks indicate the trim size once the piece is printed.
  • The pink lines show where the piece will be trimmed to final size.
  • The blue lines show 1/8 inch of bleed. Bleed is necessary because as printed pieces are cut to size in large stacks, they do not get cut exactly on the trim lines. Bleed prevents any blank white paper from showing up along the cut edges.
  • The green lines show the type-safe area. Any text or other elements that you do not want trimmed must be within these safety guides.

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4 thoughts on “Safety and Bleed: An Interpretive Ballad

  1. Chris McNultah, I love you like I love that extra 1/8″ on the edge of the design that makes the final print run come out fine. Thank goodness you were there to sing about it. I’ll back you up anytime.

  2. I feel you have written this just for me. The templates are so simple but I was so glad you were there to help. You need to add a verse… about exporting your design in 300 dpi. LOL.

  3. Bleed is very important indeed. You want your final print to look its best. Listen to the man! He knows his stuff. And you really don’t want to get your bass player mad. Good bass players are hard to find!

    Although, Chris…I think the performance could have benefited from the addition of a feathered cap or ornamental hat of some kind.

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