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This week we’ve interviewed Gary, a designer from our Design Studio. Gary’s design for Marsupial was selected as a finalist in the Design Studio’s Catalog Cover Search. Below, we have asked him a few questions about this particular design as well as a few general questions about what inspires him as an artist.


1. Did the client provide any design notes that inspired your design direction for this job?
The client was looking for a unique, abstract and thought-provoking CD package. I thought the album title, “Genus Thylacinus,” was so thought-provoking in and of itself that I had to do a Google search to find out what it meant. It turns out that it is the Latin name for a Marsupial species that went extinct in the mid 1930s. I wanted the viewer to discover the animal as I had.

2. What do you like most about this design?
The flow from the outside to the inside of the DigiPak. The interest that is gained from only showing parts of the animal and never the animal as a whole. On the front cover only the front legs are visible. The back cover shows only the hind legs. I would hope by now that the viewer was asking, “what is that thing?” And finally, the viewer is rewarded with seeing the animal’s face on the disc label and brings the whole puzzle to completion.

3. How was this design created?
With a stroke of luck I came across a line-work drawing of the “Genus Thylacinus” in one of our stock books. This drawing became the central focus of the artwork. The client supplied the typeface for the band name “Marsupial” and the found drawing complimented its scratchy look.

4. What do you think makes this cover a successful one?
The intrigue that it set up by showing only a truncated portion of the animal.

5. What inspires you as a designer?
I am inspired by the process: starting from an initial thought right through to completing the final concept. As a designer I am constantly absorbing influences from my environment, such as weathered typefaces in urban settings or subtle organic textures in nature.

6. What are some of your favorite album covers of all time?
Favorite Album Covers

7. Do you have any tips to pass on to potential clients to help their package design look like they’ve envisioned it?
Provide us with samples of album designs that interest you and tell us exactly what you like about them.

8. Why should people feel confident in choosing the Design Studio to create their design?
This isn’t just a profession for us. Design doesn’t stop just because we’ve clocked out of Disc Makers at the end of the day. This is our passion that continues with us into our private, everyday lives.

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