Butch Vig on record production

Butch Vig on record productionButch Vig is synonymous with the sound and legacy of alternative rock. His work with Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Smashing Pumpkins rewrote the rulebook for guitar-centric rock production. Vig sat down with iZotope to talk about his creative process, production philosophy, and his affection for iZotope’s Trash plug-in. Read more.

Audio repair and restoration: tools of the trade

Audio repair and restoration with RX 3 When you hear the words “repair” and “restoration,” you might be inclined to think of dusty vaults filled with aging master tapes and records. Some audio repair and restoration projects involve taking old recordings and reviving them, and the same methods and tools used for those projects can be used for a wide range of scenarios. Every time you record audio, there’s always the chance of encountering unexpected and unwelcome audio “guests.” Read more.

Audio Mastering – The Mysterious Post-Production Art Form

Audio masteringAudio mastering’s primary goal is fairly simple: to prepare a recording for distribution, ensuring it sounds better when it goes out than it did when it came in. It all begins with the mix – you’ve just finished mixing what you think is a good recording. The playing is good, the recording is clean, the mix is decent, yet when you hear it next to a track from your favorite artist, your recording is missing that “X factor.” Read more.