(Irreverent) Recording tips from Mitch Easter

Mitch Easter Recording TipsI have sort of an irreverent attitude, so I’ve been inclined to do things that were supposed to be wrong. I always like using cheap or ancient, wheezing gear along with the usual pro gear, because I really think the “action” sound comes from musically effective distortion. Sometimes this oddball gear makes a bold sonic statement you just can’t get any other way. I like tape delays, for instance a [Roland] Space Echo, especially if the tape has a little crease in it. Read More.

isolation headphones

Isolation headphones and your home recording

Whether as a front-of-house live performance mixer, a remote broadcast/recording engineer working in a church or club, a recording engineer working on a studio session, or simply recording instruments in your modest one-room home recording studio, being isolated from your audio sound source is essential to producing a quality finished product. In order to make the best decisions about levels, EQs, dynamics, or effects, it’s necessary to hear the uncolored sound on its own. Read more.

Creating a Home Recording Studio

How to get optimal results from your space and budget
If you decide to convert space in your home to function as a project studio, it’s easy to spend a lot of money before you plug in your first microphone. While quality recording gear is less and less expensive, acquiring everything you need to start recording adds up. And that doesn’t begin to address the costs of properly outfitting your space. For many home recording enthusiasts, doing any sort of major construction is simply not an option – but that doesn’t mean your dream of a quality recording space in your home needs to end before it begins.