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Your elevator pitch should start a conversation

by Michael Gallant April 16, 2014

Artist branding and your elevator pitch While there’s no universal formula for creating an ideal musical elevator pitch, there are ways to help yourself communicate effectively in situations when you’re interacting with a potential new fan or industry contact. We’ve assembled tips from a trio of music industry professionals to help you spark productive conversations about your music — and avoid walking away with your foot in your mouth. Read more.


Six social media platforms you should consider using

by Jon Ostrow March 24, 2014

social media platforms In our second social media review, we dive into a few “niche” social media platforms. Though many of them have significantly fewer users than Facebook or Twitter, each can play a critical role in effective branding, marketing, and fan engagement for independent musicians. You could find more engaged followers here than you will on Twitter or YouTube. Read more.


Get more views on YouTube

by Shaun Letang March 11, 2014

YouTube music channel views While you’ll want to build up your own YouTube music channel, uploading to established channels that cater to your target audience who have a LOT more subscribers than you can help build your fan base. Some of the channels which you can upload videos to will have tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so you stand to gain a whole new set of fans. Read more.


Build a superfan base one video at a time

by Ben Sword March 7, 2014

SuperfanIf you’ve done research on music marketing, you’ve heard you need to be on social media “engaging” with your fans. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure why I needed to bother until I discovered the “check move” theory, which tells us that the more positive interactions fans take with an artist, the closer the connection will be, and that will ultimately lead to more support.
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Five facts about your favorite social media platform: Part 1

by Jon Ostrow February 27, 2014

social media platforms Social media can be a confusing landscape to navigate for anyone, as each platform offers a unique opportunity and experience. We’ve compiled several key stats from recent studies and reports for some of the biggest social media platforms to help make the process of managing your social profiles less overwhelming.
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YouTube for musicians

by Disc Makers February 25, 2014

From managing your YouTube music channel to maximizing your music marketing, our YouTube for musicians posts are full of practical advice and innovative ideas.
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Building your online presence

by Andre Calilhanna February 14, 2014

Michael ShoupWe had people come to us when we first opened business saying, “I’ve been told by my manager that I need a website, and it needs to have a tour page and a photos page, and all of this other kind of stuff.” While that’s all great, and I think all that information is good to have, I think people don’t think critically enough about their online music marketing. I know I didn’t when I was first starting out as an artist. Read more.

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Finding and nurturing your musical niche

by Jon Ostrow January 29, 2014

Find and nurture a musical nicheTo be successful you need to compete with the several million musicians worldwide who are online vying for the attention, loyalty, and money of music fans. By focusing on your musical niche, you have the opportunity to explore and create content beyond your music by incorporating your passions and interests into your daily conversation with your fans. Read more.


How to write a killer artist bio

by Michael Gallant January 17, 2014

Samson MicAs creative musical artists, we’d like to believe our music speaks for itself, but a well-crafted artist bio is still a necessary part of your press kit and promotional efforts. In addition to giving the reader a glimpse into your musical career/journey/accomplishments to date, an engagingly written band bio can increase the chances of your music getting heard, whether you’re approaching music journalists for press coverage, creating an electronic press kit, or just trying to draw in new fans. Read more.


How to make YouTube work for you

by Keith Hatschek January 15, 2014

The playbook will help you build an audience on YouTubeOnce you dive into learning the proven techniques that have helped bands to dramatically boost their fan base and build an audience on YouTube, you’ll begin to understand how to develop an overriding video strategy and leverage the power of the platform. The best place to start learning is the YouTube “Creator Playbook” that spells out how successful creators conceive, produce, publish, and promote their content. Read more.


A Christmas Music Marketing Miracle – The Power of Music

by Ben Sword December 20, 2013

There is this famous restaurant in London we’ve had our eye on for years, but every time I try to book, they are totally full up and we are disappointed. This Christmas we thought we would try one more time, only to be told that “the earliest opening is in the middle of January!” So, rather downhearted, I once again had to tell wifey that her husband had failed her. But clever wifey said, “Why don’t you write them a song, and beg!” So that’s what I did… Read more.


Is guest blogging your ticket to better music promotion?

by Ben Sword December 5, 2013

Guest blogging tipsIf you’ve ever dabbled in the wonderful world of online music marketing, chances are you set up a musician blog at some point. After playing with the fonts and colors for seven hours (or was that just me?), you got to work eagerly bashing away at the keyboard week after week until finally that sinking feeling hits you… “Hot dang… Nobody is reading my shizzle!” Read more


Gigging, touring, and performance contract tips

by Michael Gallant November 27, 2013

Performance contract adviceThe great drummer Art Blakey once said, “If you’re not appearing, you’re disappearing.” That’s the bottom line. The way the music business is structured, the live end is all-important to most artists. The talent buyers at venues are in the business of booking talent. Ideally, artists go through dedicated booking agents. That is the goal then, to ultimately attract a booking agent to represent you. Read more.


Five elements of your artist brand

by Jon Ostrow November 12, 2013

Breakout Your artist brand is whatever approach you take to the aspects of your career that provide definition to your fans and to the market place. Once a brand has been established, even in an organic way, it is important to nurture and uphold that brand through your online presence. After all, with all of the social media clutter and chaos, why not try to make it easier for your dedicated fans to find you and engage with you? Read more.


Online music platforms for connecting, distributing, and networking

by Jonathan Bond November 6, 2013

Online Music Platforms It is easier than ever to work globally to promote your music as an indie musician, artist, or band through the use of various online music platforms. These platforms provide access to a wide audience of potential fans and industry professionals, and with so many out there, it’s worth taking a look at some of the innovative and essential online resources for indie musicians that can help boost your musical career and profile. Read more.