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Crowdfunding success is a process, not a fluke

by Cheryl B. Engelhardt February 3, 2016

crowdfunding successMy methodical and logical ways of working at my music career don’t account for “fluke.” I quantify everything. I even have an 8-step process for writing emails. Inspiration, luck, coincidence, and fate, are all concepts I dismiss, claiming that really we have the power to create exactly what we want, with the help of a few key tools. Read more.


Social Media Tools for Musicians: #DMchat Recap

by Lucy Briggs February 1, 2016

new social media tools for musiciansMadalyn Sklar, social media coach and founder of, offered thoughts on marketing and new social media tools for musicians. Q: What is your “secret sauce” for growing your Twitter following? A: Tweeting every day, participate in chats, respond to notifications, use Twitter lists, engage. Read more. Read more.

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Disc Makers Twitter Chat on January 26th with Madalyn Sklar

by Lucy Briggs January 22, 2016

Madalyn-DMchat-1200-628Join host Lucy Briggs and our community of music industry colleagues for a Disc Makers Twitter Chat about new social media tools for musicians featuring Madalyn Sklar on Tuesday, January 26th at 4pm ET! Learn Madalyn’s battle-tested strategies and recommendations for musicians, and add your voice to the conversation! Read more.

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How does Soundcloud promotion help your band?

by Matt Bacon January 20, 2016

soundcloud promotionSoundcloud is special because its features allow it to create a very intimate sense of partnership with your listener. Everyone knows you need to create a personal bond with your fans, and Soundcloud isn’t really a streaming service at all – it’s more of a music-centric social network. Read more.


The history of the incomparable Gibson Flying V guitar

by Andre Calilhanna January 20, 2016

Gibson 1967 Flying V The Modernistic trio of the Flying V, the Moderne, and the Explorer were first designed in 1957 with the concept of bringing futuristic design elements to the Gibson electric guitar line. Borrowing ideas from other modern designs of the era, Gibson created some of the more exotic production guitars of its day. Read more.


New social media tools for the smart musician

by Madalyn Sklar January 15, 2016

new social media toolsAre you making the most of your social media presence? Sure, you tweet. You connect with friends and fans on Facebook. You post videos of your shows on YouTube. But it’s time consuming. You’d rather focus on writing and performing. Luckily there are sites and hacks that can make your life easier all while keeping up with the Joneses. Read more.


What to do after the interview

by Michael Gallant January 5, 2016

give a great interviewLast month, we published “How to give a great interview as an indie musician,” with advice on how to give a great interview for a newspaper, blog, magazine, radio, or whatever. A big part of making the best of an interview is knowing what follow-up to do once the interview is over — and a few things to avoid doing, as well. Read more.


5 music promotion lessons we learned from (our song about) Star Wars

by Jason Feehan and Randy Chertkow December 28, 2015

music promotionNot so long ago, our band wrote, recorded, and released a song called, “Star Wars (A Film Like No Other).” When we released it on March 13, 2007, we had no idea it would become one of the most popular videos at, be licensed by AtomFilms, wind up being played on TV, and generate a potential license deal. Read more.


Talk the talk: How to give a great interview as an indie musician

by Michael Gallant December 22, 2015

how to give a great interviewIf you’re at the point in your career where music journalists and bloggers want to interview you, it’s important to be prepared. Getting press requests but not convinced you know how to give a great interview? These seven tips can help you prepare, focus, and deliver an interview that can impact your music career. Read more.


Build a story that someone will want to invest in

by Matt Urmy December 21, 2015

sustainable music careerSpinning your wheels is not the recipe for a sustainable music career. Build a story that someone will want to invest in. Pay attention to the business details. Don’t wake up 10 years from now just to realize that you’ve been spinning your wheels when you could have been making real progress. Read more.


Five strategies to help boost music merch sales

by Matt Bacon December 18, 2015

music merch salesLive shows are an opportunity to make music merch sales that you can’t pass up, and having a strategy is the best way to maximize those sales. Here are five points to keep in mind when stocking your merch booth. After all, if you’re creating awesome merch, you can sell it at a 150% or even 200% mark up with no one batting an eye! Read more.


Eight music video ideas to help grow your YouTube channel

by Jason Feehan and Randy Chertkow December 15, 2015

music video ideasTraditional music videos are one great way to introduce your music to an audience, but there are many other music video ideas – including mashups, vlogs, and animation – that can help your grow your YouTube channel. YouTube generates over 100 million social actions on videos every week, including comments, likes, and shares. Read more.


7 ways your Twitter header can help market your music

by Jack McCarthy December 11, 2015

twitter marketing tips maroon VTwitter may only allow you 140 characters, but the header image can be used for a host of music marketing initiatives. These twitter marketing tips can help build your artist brand and market your music and videos. Get creative and get your music heard by using Twitter in some unconventional and fun ways. Read more.


Seven ways to increase YouTube views

by Jason Feehan and Randy Chertkow October 22, 2015

increase YouTube viewsBecause YouTube has become the number one search engine for music, if you’re an independent musician planning on posting videos to YouTube, work to increase YouTube views and the number of clicks for your next creation by following these seven steps. Read more.

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The independent musician’s guide to social media marketing

by Disc Makers October 16, 2015

social media marketing Social media marketing is free (mostly), it gives you worldwide reach, and it helps you interact with new and existing fans of your music. Learn to manage and optimize your social profiles with these posts and then pick up your guitar, hit the studio, or play your next show. Read more.