9 things you should never do on stage

Music performance no nosWhile it’s good to know what you should be doing to advance your music career, it’s also important to be aware of the things you should avoid. With that in mind, I want to share with you nine mistakes I’ve seen musicians make during a music performance. I’ve tried to leave personal opinion out of it, instead focusing on what will make for a poor show for your audience. After all, it’s them you’re there to entertain, right? Read More.

How music instrument insurance helped Triple Colossal Studios weather a hurricane

by Andre Calilhanna June 9, 2014

Dylan's music instrument insurance storyI learned my lesson back in the ’90s. We were playing the East Coast for the first time. We had all our equipment in a trailer. We went to D.C. for one hour of sightseeing one afternoon, and when we got back, the van was gone. We had no insurance. Of course after that, somebody’s father said, “You idiots, why didn’t you have insurance? What’s more important than securing the tools of your trade?” Read More.


Home recording tips – 9 mic placements for recording a snare drum

by Dan Gonzalez June 6, 2014

recording a snare drum with a close micThe recording of a snare drum is the focal point of every modern recording. It sits right in the center of the mix, below or above the vocals, depending on the style of the music. In this article, I’ve outlined some mic placement techniques that will help focus in on capturing specific sounds when recording a snare drum. Read More.


Should you advertise online?

by Jon Ostrow June 4, 2014

online music marketing strategyFocusing on building your community organically is part of a balanced digital PR strategy, but when used effectively, advertising can magnify your existing PR efforts. The reasons for advertising generally fall into two categories: awareness and conversion. Read More.

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Top 10 CD Baby Albums: May 2014

by Disc Makers June 2, 2014

Brian Stokes MitchellThe Omar Hakim Experiencetwo steps from hell Here are the 10 best-selling albums in May: See all 10…

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A portfolio music career in action

by Keith Hatschek May 29, 2014

a portfolio music career in actionBenito Cortez maintains a four-pointed portfolio music career. His first call is as the violinist and mandolin player for Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, an internationally acclaimed acoustic acoustic jazz and swing ensemble. “While the work I do with Dan is the biggest part of my income, it actually amounts to a really good part-time job in terms of my overall earnings.” Read More.


Why a portfolio music career is right for you

by Keith Hatschek May 28, 2014

advice for your portfolio music careerWhatever the genre or instrument, few musicians make it to the level where they can pursue their music passion 24/7. Indeed, in nearly every professional industry, portfolio careers are becoming commonplace, and a portfolio music career is a great way to diversify income via music, or to add music to other career exploits. Read More.


How to find, land, and work a music publishing deal

by Michael Gallant May 20, 2014

How to land a music publishing dealFor an indie artist, there are tried and true ways to earn a few bucks: sell albums, downloads, concert tickets, and merchandise. Many independent artists may have heard the term “publishing deal” thrown around before, but the process of understanding, finding, solidifying, and earning money under the right sort of music publishing deal can be a mystifying one. Read More.

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Music instrument insurance questions answered (in English!)

by GearTrack May 19, 2014

Music instrument insurance questions answeredIf you’ve ever been curious about the ins and outs of music instrument insurance, but don’t speak insurance, our friends at GearTrack can help act as interpreters. They spoke to Thomas Riley, a music instrument insurance expert from The Anderson Group, and here’s what they learned. Read More.


So this guitarist walks into a recording studio…

by Dan Gonzalez May 13, 2014

tips for recording guitar Our friends at Cakewalk provide 15 practical tips for recording guitar in any studio environment to help make the experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Read More.

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Singing tips for vocalists in any genre

by Disc Makers May 8, 2014

Singer From recording to maintaining vocal health to improving your vocal performance – these singing tips will help you on the road to being a better vocalist. Read More.


Panning adds width to your audio mix

by Sean McLaughlin May 7, 2014

Audio mix tips from iZotope Panning, in large part, determines how wide our mix ends up sounding to the listener. It can be used to create space in an audio mix, enhance existing space, and create a more immersive musical experience for the listener. Read more.


Top 10 CD Baby Albums: April 2014

by Disc Makers May 1, 2014

Invincible - Two Steps from HellGeorge DonaldsonSkyWorld - Two Steps from Hell
Here are the 10 best-selling albums in April: See all 10…

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Optimize your digital music sales on iTunes

by Jon Ostrow April 30, 2014

digital music sales on iTunes As an indie, your plan should be to seek out social and digital distribution platforms that will cater best to you and your audience, but there is one platform that still dominates as the go-to for mass music purchasing. This platform is iTunes. As of 2013, iTunes accounted for 66% of all digital music sales. Read more.


Vocal exercises – Vocal warm ups for your upper register

by Keith Hatschek April 28, 2014

vocal exercises video summary Daniel Ebbers, voice instructor at the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific, shares insights and vocal exercises in our video series for vocalists. In these videos, he explores the upper register of a student’s vocal range and summarizes our four-part series. Read more.

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Vocal exercises – Vocal warm ups for singing to connect breath, vibration, and resonance

by Keith Hatschek April 25, 2014

vocal exercises videos You wouldn’t see a top athlete compete without going through a set of warm up activities, and if you are a vocalist, you need to do the same kind of preparation every time you sing. Professor Daniel Ebbers has been training singers for more than twenty years, and in the following videos he explains the benefits of warming up and takes us through a series of vocal exercises. Read more.

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