Singing Tips – How to Sing Better Right Now

SingerAs one of the top vocal coaches in the country, I’m frequently asked, “What are your top singing tips for vocalists?” Well, I could rattle off a long list, and yammer on for hours. But I love a challenge – so I pretended I had only five minutes to tell you my best singing tips, and I wracked my brain to come up with the Top 5. Read more.

What to do after the interview

by Michael Gallant January 5, 2016

give a great interviewLast month, we published “How to give a great interview as an indie musician,” with advice on how to give a great interview for a newspaper, blog, magazine, radio, or whatever. A big part of making the best of an interview is knowing what follow-up to do once the interview is over — and a few things to avoid doing, as well. Read more.


Predictions for the music industry: Part 1

by Bobby Borg December 30, 2015

predictions for the music industryAfter witnessing how quickly new technology has changed the music business in just the past five years, it’s a safe bet that no one can know for sure what awaits the music industry in the near future. Still these predictions for the music industry by leading industry professionals are interesting, insightful, and inspiring. Read more.


5 music promotion lessons we learned from (our song about) Star Wars

by Jason Feehan and Randy Chertkow December 28, 2015

music promotionNot so long ago, our band wrote, recorded, and released a song called, “Star Wars (A Film Like No Other).” When we released it on March 13, 2007, we had no idea it would become one of the most popular videos at StarWars.com, be licensed by AtomFilms, wind up being played on TV, and generate a potential license deal. Read more.


Talk the talk: How to give a great interview as an indie musician

by Michael Gallant December 22, 2015

how to give a great interviewIf you’re at the point in your career where music journalists and bloggers want to interview you, it’s important to be prepared. Getting press requests but not convinced you know how to give a great interview? These seven tips can help you prepare, focus, and deliver an interview that can impact your music career. Read more.


Build a story that someone will want to invest in

by Matt Urmy December 21, 2015

sustainable music careerSpinning your wheels is not the recipe for a sustainable music career. Build a story that someone will want to invest in. Pay attention to the business details. Don’t wake up 10 years from now just to realize that you’ve been spinning your wheels when you could have been making real progress. Read more.


Five strategies to help boost music merch sales

by Matt Bacon December 18, 2015

music merch salesLive shows are an opportunity to make music merch sales that you can’t pass up, and having a strategy is the best way to maximize those sales. Here are five points to keep in mind when stocking your merch booth. After all, if you’re creating awesome merch, you can sell it at a 150% or even 200% mark up with no one batting an eye! Read more.


Burned out? Maybe it’s time to pause and refill the well.

by Chris Huff December 17, 2015

long music career Whatever the circumstances, we all get burned out. In that fatigued state, it’s easy to think that this is the end. We might as well apply for that job at the shoe store now and sell the guitars on Craigslist. Our minds will give us 1,001 reasons not to do something, and especially will attempt to kick us when we are down. Read more.


Eight music video ideas to help grow your YouTube channel

by Jason Feehan and Randy Chertkow December 15, 2015

music video ideasTraditional music videos are one great way to introduce your music to an audience, but there are many other music video ideas – including mashups, vlogs, and animation – that can help your grow your YouTube channel. YouTube generates over 100 million social actions on videos every week, including comments, likes, and shares. Read more.


7 ways your Twitter header can help market your music

by Jack McCarthy December 11, 2015

twitter marketing tips maroon VTwitter may only allow you 140 characters, but the header image can be used for a host of music marketing initiatives. These twitter marketing tips can help build your artist brand and market your music and videos. Get creative and get your music heard by using Twitter in some unconventional and fun ways. Read more.


Music theory and “The Hills,” by The Weeknd

by Alex Andrews December 9, 2015

music theoryKnowing a little music theory can help you dissect your favorite songs and better understand how to write songs of your own. We break down “The Hills” by The Weeknd in this post. We’re going to start by transcribing the chorus melody, figuring out the key, and then using the key to find the chords. Read more.

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Want music success? You’ve got to love the grind.

by Johnny Dwinell December 7, 2015

music successAre you always bitching about the current state of the music industry? Are you constantly going on about how much easier it would’ve been to find music success had you been an artist 20 years ago? I’ve got big news for all of you. Life is not a grind, life is the grind. The trick is understanding that you have to love the grind. Read more.


8 tips for holding band meetings that don’t suck

by Bobby Borg December 3, 2015

band meetingsYou’ve heard it before, “it’s called the music business for a reason,” and one good business practice that can help you meet you music career goals is holding effective band meetings. To ensure your meetings go smoothly, check out the following eight easy-to-execute tips. Read more.


Music production basics – Part 2: audio compression and panning

by Robert Willey December 2, 2015

music production basicsOne way to control the amplitude of a signal is by running it through a compressor, which turns down the volume each time the signal gets louder than a preset threshold. Understanding the functions of compression and panning are part of music production basics and will help you in the recording and mixing phases of your project. Read more.

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Five lyric pitfalls to avoid when writing Country songs – or ANY songs!

by Jason Blume November 30, 2015

how to write a country songOne of the most important jobs I have as a teacher is to identify and share the common elements I observe in successful songs while steering students clear from the pitfalls in songs that fall short. If you want to learn how to write a country song, here are some of the biggest lyric pitfalls to avoid. Read more.


Music News: Adele breaks sales’ record, Willie Nelson gets Gershwin Award, Shrapnel records catalog acquired by The Orchard

by Andre Calilhanna November 25, 2015

music news adele 25Whatever you think of Adele’s decision to follow the likes of Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke and sidestep streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, she’s proven again that she has the star power and “four quadrant” appeal to change the trajectory of album sales for the industry this year. Read more.