How to submit your songs to music blogs, record labels, radio, and press

Music blogs submission guidelinesWhether you’re contacting magazines, music blogs, radio shows, record labels, music distributors, or promotional services, you have to check THEIR SPECIFIC submission guidelines before getting in touch. This is the most fundamental rule of promotion now, and it will be the rule 2,000 years from now when humans have giant heads and tiny bodies. There’s really no excuse – 90% of music services have their submission guidelines clearly posted online. Read more.

Give your fans a live music performance to remember

by Bobby Borg June 19, 2015

live music performanceIt takes more than just great songs and great performances to get people excited about your music career, especially when you’re just starting out or you want attention in a competitive city like Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville. A musical artist must produce a live show experience that excites the audience and reinforces its brand. Read more.

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How to deliver great rock vocals — and stay healthy doing it

by Michael Gallant June 17, 2015

Singing tips for great rock vocalsMatt Kramer made his name as the lead singer for the band Saigon Kick. The son of an opera singer, he’s an expert educator and vocal coach as well, and teaches at his Miami-area studio Kramer Voice Company. Here are some singing tips and strategies for great rock vocals from the master. Read more.

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Great vocalists from yesterday and today [infographic]

by Andre Calilhanna June 15, 2015

great vocalists from yesterday and todayFrom being able to sort by vocal range and high or low note, the graphic with the keyboard and the chart layout is impressive stuff. From the same folks who brought us the “100 Years of Rock” infographic, here’s another interactive gem that’s worth a few minutes of your time. Read more.


Global album release days: New Music Fridays and Vinyl Tuesdays

by Andre Calilhanna June 12, 2015

vinyl Tuesday record releaseMany retailers have expressed concerns over the choice of Friday as the global record release date. The inability to re-stock a popular title over the weekend, as well as limiting the reporting of first-week sales to a mere three days (reports track through Sunday in a given week) are cited among the chief objections. Read more.

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Fixing your audio mix: how to tweak that problem bass note

by Ken Theriot June 11, 2015

problem bass note in audio mixYou’ve finished the audio mix for your latest song. Your audio mix sounds pretty good in your home studio, but when you play the song on your iPod or in the car, you notice one or two bass notes always sound super loud, even though you’ve applied compression on the bass track to try and prevent this very problem. Read more.

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The many ways to ask for the sale

by Bobby Owsinski June 9, 2015

online CD salesWhen it comes to sales, sometimes the very best technique is the most direct. Ask plainly for the sale. If your fan or customer really wants to buy from you, you’re doing him or her a favor by making the process streamlined and easy. If your fan or customer is unsure, you’re not helping the cause by being ambiguous. Read more.

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How to give a good interview

by Jason Consoli June 5, 2015

how to give a good interviewAs a music publicist, I’ve worked with a lot of bands and musical acts. In more than a few cases, I’d say the artist’s interview skills could have used a tweak or two. Allow me to share some interview tips that will make you way better at giving interviews and help you get the most out of every one. Read more.

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100 greatest songs and the 58 music instruments that made them [Infographic]

by Andre Calilhanna June 3, 2015

58 music instruments in 100 greatest songsFor anyone who loves music, digging into the instrumentation and arrangement of any of your favorite songs is part of the wonder of music production. Berklee Online did an analysis of the instruments used on the top 100 songs from Rolling Stone‘s list and put them in this infographic. Read more.


How to optimize your YouTube channel to get more views

by Chris Robley June 1, 2015

How to optimize your YouTube ChannelYou’ve created a YouTube channel and you’ve got a dozen of videos posted – but building a following on YouTube can be hard work. Optimizing your YouTube channel will put you in position to grow your following. Follow these 25 steps and start gaining more views, likes, and subscribers. Read more.


Creative music product pricing – eight strategies that paid off

by Bobby Borg May 28, 2015

Wu TangFor many young and developing artists, music product pricing is usually the process of arbitrarily coming up with a number, slapping it on your product or service, and forgetting about it. However, pricing is something that can be far more strategic, and these eight examples will get you thinking about price like never before. Read more.


Music publishing: music industry insights

by Anthony Morgan May 22, 2015

music publishing adviceIn the broadest sense, a music publisher looks for music initially like an A&R rep at a label would. We’re searching for the best talent. We do differ in one significant way: talent alone can sometimes entice an A&R rep to sign an artist. With music publishers, that is rarely the case. Read more.


Butch Vig on record production

by Izotope May 20, 2015

Butch Vig on record productionButch Vig is synonymous with the sound and legacy of alternative rock. His work with Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Smashing Pumpkins rewrote the rulebook for guitar-centric rock production. Vig sat down with iZotope to talk about his creative process, production philosophy, and his affection for iZotope’s Trash plug-in. Read more.

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So you want to be a music supervisor?

by Greg Savage May 18, 2015

What is a Music Supervisor?A music supervisor’s job is to find, place, and link music with multimedia based projects that need outside music. In order to become a music supervisor you must be knowledgeable about music licensing, have a grasp on the different industries that are in need of music, and possess excellent networking skills. Read more.


Every music genre in one incredible interactive infographic

by Disc Makers May 13, 2015

music genre infographicThis amazing infographic is an exhaustive exploration of just about every genre of music you can imagine – and a ton you’ve never heard of – with music clips and animation to help you connect any given musical style to its influences and the styles it spawned. Read more.


The “who” and “what” of finding a music manager

by Steve Rennie May 12, 2015

finding a good music managerIn the music business, everything starts with a great song. But the decisions you make after the music is made will have as big – or perhaps even bigger – impact on your success or failure. Picking a great team of professionals is one of the most important and impactful decisions you’re going to make. Read more.