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Audio repair and restoration: tools of the trade

by Izotope July 30, 2014

Audio repair and restoration with RX 3 When you hear the words “repair” and “restoration,” you might be inclined to think of dusty vaults filled with aging master tapes and records. Some audio repair and restoration projects involve taking old recordings and reviving them, and the same methods and tools used for those projects can be used for a wide range of scenarios. Every time you record audio, there’s always the chance of encountering unexpected and unwelcome audio “guests.” Read more.


How to make YouTube work for you

by Keith Hatschek January 15, 2014

The playbook will help you build an audience on YouTubeOnce you dive into learning the proven techniques that have helped bands to dramatically boost their fan base and build an audience on YouTube, you’ll begin to understand how to develop an overriding video strategy and leverage the power of the platform. The best place to start learning is the YouTube “Creator Playbook” that spells out how successful creators conceive, produce, publish, and promote their content. Read more.


Why you want a music video

by Cheryl B. Engelhardt November 12, 2012

Music videos never seemed like something I should pursue. I never understood how they could translate into sales or revenue, and I certainly didn’t know how to come up with an idea that wasn’t a literal translation of my lyrics – “all I have to say is I love you” only invokes an image of two people running at each other in slow-mo, arms open for an embrace… cheese city. Read more.


How to Produce a Flawless DVD – Region Codes and Copy Protection

by Disc Makers March 6, 2012

How to Produce a Flawless DVDWhen DVDs were introduced, studios wanted the ability to combat piracy and control release dates throughout the world. As a result, region codes were developed to restrict where (what region of the world) a DVD can be viewed. Each area of the globe is assigned its own specific number, or region code: 1. North America; 2. Europe, South Africa, Japan; 3. Far East; 4. Latin America, Australia; 5. Africa, India, Russia; 6. China; 8. In Flight Entertainment. Read more and download your FREE guide.

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Videomaker’s Best Video Products of the Year 2011

by Videomaker February 16, 2012

2011 was a great year for video products. The increasing convergence of traditional camcorders with DSLRs, the emergence of consumer 3D, the widening availability of cameras with interchangeable lenses and other innovations have made this an exciting time to be passionate about video. After duking it out once again, defending our favorites, we’re ready to reveal our picks for the best of the best from 2011. And the winners are… Read more.


DIY Video Accessories

by Kyle Cassidy October 28, 2011

Producing video is an exciting hobby and rewarding business, but it takes a lot of gear. Sometimes, the rewarding and the exciting part can be in just making the gear. There are lots of pieces of equipment made to perform very exact tasks in video production, from camera mounts that help cameras move smoothly to light producing and shaping tools. We all look through thick catalogues crammed with gear with a quickening heartbeat and wide eyes (I know I’ve never seen a light modifier I didn’t immediately know would solve every problem I’ve ever had with lighting), and this gear acquisition syndrome….Read more…


Composing for Film and Video

by Keith Hatschek October 12, 2010

There are definitely composers who need help; the thing is, they’re not going to advertise for a film composer to help them. They need somebody to get their system up and running, they need engineers, they need music editors. I think that those positions are really valuable for the same reason I really enjoyed working with Mason – to just get in the door and watch. I would suggest though, that if you get in that position, set a time frame so you’re only doing that for so long. Read more…


Advantages and Disadvantages of Tapeless Video Production

by John Devcic September 8, 2010

A move to a tapeless-based production is not an easy one but in the end should prove to be rather beneficial. Of course, no technology is without a downside. If you are on the fence about a move from tapes, this article is the perfect starting point. Read more…


DIY Performance Video – Part 3: Titles & Distribution

by Keith Hatschek July 19, 2010

Over the past five weeks, we’ve explored the pre- and post-production processes involved with the DIY video shoot I did with the band Sugar Water Purple. We’ll wrap this series up by adding the final touches to the video and then publishing online via YouTube.
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Craig Hanna on Video Post-Production and Authoring – Part I

by Andre Calilhanna July 14, 2010

The manager of Disc Makers’ Authoring House talks about common mistakes, post-production, and multimedia programming

Tell me a little about what you were doing before you came to the Authoring House.
I have over 25 years of experience in video and film production. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts, with a concentration in film and television from The University of South Carolina. I worked for Comcast and then Sony and was a freelance producer before coming here. I’ve done everything from writing, producing, editing, and shooting to pulling cables – all the jobs involved in production and post-production – and I also was a multimedia programmer.
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DIY Performance Video – Part 2: Post-Production

by Keith Hatschek July 13, 2010

Last month, I described the pre-production planning process and the DIY video shoot done with the band Sugar Water Purple. Now let’s step through the DIY post-production process used to finish up the video.

First, I wanted to recap a few decisions we made in the pre-production process that came up in reader comments to last month’s story. Read more…


DIY Performance Video Part 1: Pre-Production and the Shoot

by Keith Hatschek June 15, 2010

DIY VideoAs I was filling my car with gas the other day, a television was blaring commercials to me at the pump. Video has become the ubiquitous window that allows us to glimpse the good, the bad, and plenty of the ugly aspects of 21st century life. According to the latest Nielsen Television Audience Report, there are now more televisions (2.93) in the average American household than there are people (2.54), and an average of two computers per four-member family. Read more…


What are Region Codes?

by Craig Elliott Hanna June 14, 2010

When DVDs were introduced, studios wanted the ability to combat piracy and control release dates throughout the world. As a result, region codes were developed. Region codes restrict where (what region of the world) a DVD can be viewed. Each area of the globe, or region, is assigned it’s own specific number or region code. The regions are as follows..Read more…


The eMagazine – Catalogs Go Digital

by Disc Makers May 19, 2010

With the growing uses of documents with “page turn” functionality on PDAs and online, producing a white paper or journal that uses the page-turning feature or converting your printed catalog into an eMagazine can keep your marketing efforts current, cost-effective, and easier to deliver. Read more…


Music Library Buyer’s Guide – Music to Your Ears

by James Williams April 22, 2010

Finding the right soundtrack for your video production can be a challenge and confusing. With the right direction and a better understanding of the process, giving your video production a happy and musically appropriate ending is easier than you may think. With all the work that goes into shooting and editing a video, constructing the perfect soundtrack may be the last thing on your mind. However, when the time comes to add that depth, flavoring and ambience to your scenes through music, you may find yourself without many options. Not to worry! Read more…

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