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Five traits you need to make a living in the music business

by Greg Savage April 22, 2014

make a living in the music business I hate when people say “Yeah, but you’re lucky.” When people use the word “luck” as a crutch or excuse, it makes me feel as if my dedication and education are not the reasons behind my ability to make a living in the music business. I gave it some thought, and I think there are some definable traits that set those who make a living in the music business apart from those who don’t. Read more.

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How to help the cops recover your stolen music gear

by GearTrack April 18, 2014

recover your stolen music gear GearTrack’s intrepid gigging deputy gives advice on how to help the police track down your precious stolen music gear. In “Tips from a cop to help prevent music instrument theft,” deputy sheriff Jerry Cress gives advice about how preparation and prevention is the first defense against theft. In this post, he focuses on what to do to recover your stolen music gear. Read more.


Your elevator pitch should start a conversation

by Michael Gallant April 16, 2014

Artist branding and your elevator pitch While there’s no universal formula for creating an ideal musical elevator pitch, there are ways to help yourself communicate effectively in situations when you’re interacting with a potential new fan or industry contact. We’ve assembled tips from a trio of music industry professionals to help you spark productive conversations about your music — and avoid walking away with your foot in your mouth. Read more.


Elevate your vocal performance: focus on rhythm and intention

by Michael Gallant April 9, 2014

singing tips to improve your vocal performance In a standout vocal performance, how and when you release a note is just as important as the way you attack it. On the keyboard, whether I’m playing jazz, rock, or anything else, I try to keep this idea in mind. Time after time, I’ve found that one of the best things I can to do to help a song lock in is to be mindful of both ends of every note I play. This is also true for a vocal performance. Read more.


The four essential elements of EQ and your audio mix

by Sean McLaughlin April 4, 2014

Frequency Ranges and your audio mix Mixing music is the craft of taking multiple audio tracks and combining them together onto a final master track. The way we combine tracks is equal parts art and science, and if you think of your audio mix as a three-dimensional sonic image, its four basic elements are level (height), EQ (height), panning (width), and time-based effects (depth). Read more.

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Money and music sales – a quick tour of current web stories

by Disc Makers April 2, 2014

Music sales and music discovery According to information posted on, Americans are most likely to discover new music via terrestrial radio. That’s right, AM/FM radio accounts for 35 percent of music discovery with another 21 percent polled saying recommendations from friends and family are their source for new music. Internet and streaming services pale in comparison. Read more.

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Six social media platforms you should consider using

by Jon Ostrow March 24, 2014

social media platforms In our second social media review, we dive into a few “niche” social media platforms. Though many of them have significantly fewer users than Facebook or Twitter, each can play a critical role in effective branding, marketing, and fan engagement for independent musicians. You could find more engaged followers here than you will on Twitter or YouTube. Read more.


Help the soundman get you a great live music mix

by Michael Gallant March 20, 2014

Help the soundman An organized soundcheck can give band members and sound engineers the tools they need to craft an excellent live music mix, while a chaotic one can suck up valuable minutes – and good will. Some bands do sound checks like complete pros, others are just a mess with everybody onstage playing at the same time, nobody listening, and lots of noise and yelling. Read more.


Pre-production tips for recording drums

by Dan Gonzalez March 18, 2014

pre-production and recording drums Every studio recording should begin with pre-production, as prepping for a studio recording is the only way to take advantage of the time you have. Record yourself playing your band’s songs to understand how your tracks will come together in the studio. Review your recordings and focus on your parts to understand where improvements need to be made to lock down the tracks. Read more.


Tips from a cop to help prevent music instrument theft

by GearTrack March 14, 2014

tips to prevent music instrument theft A gigging musician – who happens to be a deputy sheriff – gives advice on what you need to do to prevent music instrument theft, including: most thieves are, generally speaking, lazy. They go for the easiest prey. A locked door will make most amateur thieves move on to easier targets, and in my experience, there are actually very few professionals. Most are what we call “snatch-and-go”. Read more.


Sustain your music career – nine insights to help you do it

by Keith Hatschek March 12, 2014

The Nadas career in music is built on touring The Nadas have built a 20-year career in music. Through playing hundreds of shows and releasing 11 records, they’ve learned what works when building a sustained career in music and an audience that spans one-third of the country. We spoke with Nadas co-founder Mike Butterworth (guitar/vocals) and dug up nine nuggets of wisdom that have helped the band survive for so long. Read more.


Get more views on YouTube

by Shaun Letang March 11, 2014

YouTube music channel views While you’ll want to build up your own YouTube music channel, uploading to established channels that cater to your target audience who have a LOT more subscribers than you can help build your fan base. Some of the channels which you can upload videos to will have tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, so you stand to gain a whole new set of fans. Read more.


Build a superfan base one video at a time

by Ben Sword March 7, 2014

SuperfanIf you’ve done research on music marketing, you’ve heard you need to be on social media “engaging” with your fans. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure why I needed to bother until I discovered the “check move” theory, which tells us that the more positive interactions fans take with an artist, the closer the connection will be, and that will ultimately lead to more support.
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Five facts about your favorite social media platform: Part 1

by Jon Ostrow February 27, 2014

social media platforms Social media can be a confusing landscape to navigate for anyone, as each platform offers a unique opportunity and experience. We’ve compiled several key stats from recent studies and reports for some of the biggest social media platforms to help make the process of managing your social profiles less overwhelming.
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YouTube for musicians

by Disc Makers February 25, 2014

From managing your YouTube music channel to maximizing your music marketing, our YouTube for musicians posts are full of practical advice and innovative ideas.
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