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Defining your vision and your music marketing plan [Video]

by Bobby Borg September 25, 2015

music marketing planSetting a successful music marketing plan in motion begins with defining your vision and determining how to set and accomplish the goals designed to get you there. These videos expand on themes and ideas from Bobby Borg’s book, Music Marketing for the DIY Musician. Read more.


Planning the rewards for your music crowdfunding project

by Jason Feehan and Randy Chertkow September 24, 2015

music crowdfundingWhether you are trying to cover the cost of producing your next album or get a tour off the ground, crowdfunding gets your fans involved while generating the necessary dollars. Today we want to dive into setting a mix of rewards to encourage backers to pledge the most amount of money to your project. Read more.


Songwriting and a quick lesson in music theory

by Alex Andrews September 22, 2015

music theoryYou’re writing a song, you’ve hit on a vocal melody you like and you’ve got a few chords, but you just can’t seem to finish the chord progression. You keep trying all the chords you know, but nothing seems to fit. After some frustration and failures, you put the idea aside, forget all about it, and another song bites the dust. Read more.


Disc Makers, Samson, and Sweetwater team up for a $5,000 studio gear giveaway

by Disc Makers September 18, 2015

studio gear giveawayCo-sponsored by Samson, Sweetwater, and Backstage, the #StudioLife Sweepstakes offers a $5,000+ prize package that includes a mixing board, keyboard MIDI controllers, microphones, monitors, and more, as well as a CD package from Disc Makers and a distribution package from CD Baby. Read more.


Home recording tip: save samples to speed up noise reduction

by Ken Theriot September 16, 2015

noise reduction home studio recording tipIf you record audio in a place where the same noises are often around, and you are not able to prevent them, then you’ve probably found yourself removing them from your audio recordings using noise reduction software. Unless you’ve built or purchased a sound-proof recording booth, there WILL be noise. Read more.


How to run a successful record label (by giving away the music)

by Steve Gordon September 15, 2015

record labelJay Frank, a former VP at Country Music Television and Yahoo Music, recently launched his own record company, called DigSin. Based in Nashville, DigSin, which stands for digital single, has a very unique business model: It promotes free downloads for life and a “360 of the song” deal. Read more.


A look at Ringo Starr’s enduring musical influence

by Keith Hatschek and Peter Hackett September 9, 2015

Ringo's musical influenceFew would argue that the drumming of Ringo Starr was one of the most singular aspects to the band’s music. We’re here to make that argument. Ringo’s playing added shape and texture to the band’s iconic recordings while carefully creating patterns and dynamics to create and resolve tension within each song. Read more.


Develop a home base before moving to regional music venues

by Jeri Goldstein September 4, 2015

music venues There’s an advantage to concentrating your live performance development in local music venues as you plan for future tours in new and wider territories. Start your career in a central place – your hometown or a town nearby – then expand outward from that central point. Read more.


CD Baby announces the DIY Musician Conference schedule

by Disc Makers September 2, 2015

music conferenceCD Baby is hosting its premiere DIY Musician Conference at Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago on October 23-25 in Chicago. There’s an impressive assortment of workshops, panels, and showcases scheduled, built specifically around the needs of independent musicians. Read more.


Creative strategies to raise money for your indie album release

by Michael Gallant August 31, 2015

indie album release CMYou’ve got your songs, arrangements, musicians, and studio all set and ready to go; plans for CDs and publicity aren’t far behind. The question? How to pay for it all. Here are case studies, tips, and strategies from musicians on gathering the funds to make their own dreams of an indie album release a reality. Read more.


The record producer and pre-production

by Michael Beinhorn August 27, 2015

record producerRecord production is comparable to a wide variety of jobs – from office manager to school teacher to film director to lion tamer (and clinical psychologist). But at its core, record production is mainly about being a conduit that helps the entire creative process flow – a record producer’s primary directive is to help the artist excel. Read more.


Why can’t every day be a music festival?

by Kev Rowe August 25, 2015

music festivalWe usually use music festivals as an escape from our normal lives. What I’ve been trying to do lately is keep a well-balanced, festival-like attitude and outlook all year round. To treat people with the same attitude and outlook I have towards them while I’m walking through the music festival on its trails and through the woods. Read more.

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Home grown crowdfunding tips

by Michael Gallant August 21, 2015

crowdfunding tipsThere are numerous ways to approach crowdfunding – including home-grown methods that don’t rely exclusively on the websites that facilitate the process. Singer/songwriter Linda Chorney has been creatively financing and her own album projects for decades. I interviewed her to get some of her personal crowdfunding tips on the matter. Read more.

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How to crowdfund your next project: 11 steps to success

by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan August 20, 2015

11 crowdfunding tipsCrowdfunding doesn’t just raise money, it engages your fans beyond simply asking for donations or getting them to buy your merchandise; a successful campaign makes them feel like active participants, captures their enthusiasm, and helps you spread the word. The key is organizing your efforts to maximize fundraising. Read more.


Are your home studio acoustics killing your mix?

by Keith Hatschek and Jeff Crawford August 14, 2015

mixdownWhen it comes to recording and mixing your music, most of us agonize over which software plug-ins to buy or what microphones and preamps we can afford. It’s also crucial to assess the acoustic properties of the room in which you will make your most critical audio production decisions during mixdown. Read more.