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Yoga for musicians

by Keith Hatschek Brandon Dill July 22, 2015

yoga for musiciansMusicians and performers speak of “being in the zone,” when an outstanding performance flowed effortlessly. Is there a secret to getting into that zone more often? One route is the practice of yoga. We talked to Nichol Chase to learn more about yoga for musicians, and how it can help optimize their performance. Read more.


Setting up a call to action on your Facebook artist page

by Andre Calilhanna July 17, 2015

facebook marketing tipEngaging on social media is about promoting your act, marketing your music and gigs, and attracting new fans. But that doesn’t mean sales via social media are impossible, and with Facebook’s “Call to Action” button, you’re one click closer to converting fans to buy your CDs, merch, and tickets. Read more.


A guide to Apple Music for the independent musician

by Andre Calilhanna July 16, 2015

Apple music streamingApple Music is live and streaming, and for independent musicians who want in on the service, CD Baby is the go-to source to make music available on the platform. In addition to being an Apple approved aggregator, the editors at CD Baby’s The DIY Musician blog have embarked on a series of posts covering Apple Music. Read more.

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Are you building a music career or just filling the calendar?

by Jeri Goldstein July 14, 2015

booking music gigsHave you ever felt frantic about getting more gigs on your schedule? Depending on your goals and where you are in your music career, that may be exactly the thing to do. If you are in this to create a lasting career in music, one that builds momentum and progresses from one level to the next, you need a plan when booking music gigs. Read more.


How to choose a recording studio

by Hybrid Studios July 10, 2015

How to choose a recording studioYou’ve got the songs. You’ve logged the miles, played the gigs, and built your following. Now it’s time to record. But how do you choose the right recording studio? Good question! You want to choose wisely as this is for posterity, after all, and choosing the right recording studio is both a right- and left-brain activity. Read more.


Are you making excuses, or dealing with challenges?

by Johnny Dwinell July 9, 2015

making excuses for music career goalsA lot of folks hate it when I talk about excuses, probably because we all have some sore spot in our lives where we coulda, shoulda, woulda but made an excuse instead. So having a serious discussion about excuses causes us to relive our most catastrophic or painful failures. But you cannot succeed with excuses. Read more.


How to deal with criticism as a musician

by Bobby Borg July 2, 2015

How to deal with criticism as a musicianGetting feedback from a sample of your audience is a great way to measure your success. But what happens when you get feedback that is the opposite of what you wanted to hear? Finding your true voice and an audience to whom you appeal requires time, patience, dedication, motivation, and effort. Read more.


Use hammer-ons and pull-offs to energize your chords

by Kathy Dickson July 1, 2015

hammer-ons and pull-offsPart of developing as a guitarist is learning how to dress up chord progressions so they don’t sound stale and boring. One way to make your chord playing more dynamic is to incorporate hammer-ons and pull-offs. Hammer-ons and pull-offs use the fretting hand instead of the picking hand to articulate notes. Read more.

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Expand your audience with opening act and support slots

by Jeri Goldstein June 26, 2015

opening actOne way to expand your audience is to serve as an opening act for a better-known artist on multiple tour dates or one local show. Sometimes you can get lucky and be in the right place at the right time, but if you’re more interested in strategy than chance, here are three suggestions to help you land some of these choice performance slots. Read more.


More thoughts on delivering great rock vocals

by Michael Gallant June 25, 2015

great rock vocalsRock singers are the rebel children of the musical family, and they sound like it. They do everything “wrong,” i.e., scream and use the voice in ways that are, traditionally, used in other places, like the battlefield or the bedroom. But there’s a lot more to rock ’n’ roll than whether or not you have grit in your voice. Read more.


Songwriter’s block: where does it come from?

by Gary Ewer June 23, 2015

songwriter's blockThe ability to think creatively is a product of “divergent thinking.” That’s a term that refers to one’s knack for exploring several possible ideas or answers in the processing of information. Certainly to be a songwriter requires it, but the inability to compose songs should not be automatically interpreted as songwriter’s block. Read more.


Give your fans a live music performance to remember

by Bobby Borg June 19, 2015

live music performanceIt takes more than just great songs and great performances to get people excited about your music career, especially when you’re just starting out or you want attention in a competitive city like Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville. A musical artist must produce a live show experience that excites the audience and reinforces its brand. Read more.

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How to deliver great rock vocals — and stay healthy doing it

by Michael Gallant June 17, 2015

Singing tips for great rock vocalsMatt Kramer made his name as the lead singer for the band Saigon Kick. The son of an opera singer, he’s an expert educator and vocal coach as well, and teaches at his Miami-area studio Kramer Voice Company. Here are some singing tips and strategies for great rock vocals from the master. Read more.

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Great vocalists from yesterday and today [infographic]

by Andre Calilhanna June 15, 2015

great vocalists from yesterday and todayFrom being able to sort by vocal range and high or low note, the graphic with the keyboard and the chart layout is impressive stuff. From the same folks who brought us the “100 Years of Rock” infographic, here’s another interactive gem that’s worth a few minutes of your time. Read more.