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The power of a trash can ending

by Tom Jackson July 28, 2014

trash can ending If you are a creative artist, you’ll probably put an original and clever ending on some of your songs – fade outs, unresolved chord progressions, or bleed-ins to the next song, for example. In a recording studio, I say go for it! But live, more often than not, it’s a mistake. Putting a clever ending on a song can sometimes confuse your audience. They don’t know for sure if the song’s over, so you only get a small smattering of hesitant applause. Read more.


Music workshops: how to choose, prep, and “work” music industry events

by Michael Gallant July 22, 2014

attending music workshops Music workshops can be outstanding resources when it comes to education, networking, and generating ideas. But how can you be sure the enticing-sounding workshop you’re being pitched is meat, rather than hype? How do you make the most of your time and elevate your career in the process? We’ve got tips from two industry veterans who know the world of workshops inside and out. Read more.

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Ditch the pre-show performance jitters

by Cheryl B. Engelhardt July 17, 2014

overcoming performance jitters We all know practice makes perfect, but sometimes perfect isn’t enough to calm performance jitters, cool sweaty palms, and relax the nerves. So whether you’re heading out to perform for some big festival crowds, going solo for the first time, or just want to get a grip on your performance, here are a few tips to take on – before you step on stage. Read more.


Top 10 CD Baby Albums: May 2014

by Disc Makers June 2, 2014

Brian Stokes MitchellThe Omar Hakim Experiencetwo steps from hell Here are the 10 best-selling albums in May: See all 10…

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Top 10 CD Baby Albums: April 2014

by Disc Makers May 1, 2014

Invincible - Two Steps from HellGeorge DonaldsonSkyWorld - Two Steps from Hell
Here are the 10 best-selling albums in April: See all 10…

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Top 10 CD Baby Albums: March 2014

by Disc Makers April 1, 2014

George DonaldsonInvincibleCountry Roots: Classical Sound - The Texas Tenors
Here are the 10 best-selling albums in March: See all 10…

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Help the soundman get you a great live music mix

by Michael Gallant March 20, 2014

Help the soundman An organized soundcheck can give band members and sound engineers the tools they need to craft an excellent live music mix, while a chaotic one can suck up valuable minutes – and good will. Some bands do sound checks like complete pros, others are just a mess with everybody onstage playing at the same time, nobody listening, and lots of noise and yelling. Read more.


Top 10 CD Baby Albums: February 2014

by Disc Makers March 3, 2014

InvincibleKuntry - Jawga BoyzArchangel
Here are the 10 best-selling albums in February: See all 10…

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Top 10 CD Baby Albums: January 2014

by Disc Makers February 3, 2014

Here are the 10 best-selling albums in January: See all 10…

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Top 10 CD Baby Albums December 2013

by Disc Makers January 2, 2014

Ryan Kelly Starbomb The Texas Tenors
Here are the 10 best-selling albums in December: See all 10…

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25 notable musicians who died in 2013

by Andre Calilhanna December 13, 2013

25 Lou ReedEchoes pays tribute to 25 of the music icons, music industry contributors, and legendary musicians who died in 2013, including Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, Patty Andrews, Reg Presley, Lou Reed, Cleotha Staples, Alvin Lee, Clive Burr, Bobbie Smith, Phil Ramone, Ray Manzarek, Cedric Brooks, Jeff Hanneman, Richie Havens, George Jones, Cordell “Boogie” Mosson, Marvin Junior, Allen Lanier, and Bobby Bland. Read more


Isolation headphones and your home recording

by Keith Hatschek and Jeff Crawford December 11, 2013

EX-25 isolation headphonesWhether as a front-of-house live performance mixer, a remote broadcast/recording engineer working in a church or club, a recording engineer working on a studio session, or simply recording instruments in your modest one-room home recording studio, being isolated from your audio sound source is essential to producing a quality finished product. In order to make the best decisions about levels, EQs, dynamics, or effects, it’s necessary to hear the uncolored sound on its own. Read more


Top 10 Cd Baby Albums November 2013

by Disc Makers December 2, 2013

Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly Invincible Archangel
Here are the 10 best-selling albums in November: See all 10…

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Desktop Wallpaper December 2013 Edition – Inspired by The London Suede’s “Pantomime Horse”

by Disc Makers November 27, 2013

December Wallpaper The talented designers in our Design Studio created twelve original works of art (one for each month) that feature some of our favorite songs. Each month we will post a new design, in six common desktop sizes, so you can use them as your desktop wallpaper. December’s wallpaper features “Pantomime Horse” by The London Suede. Click here to get yours!


Gigging, touring, and performance contract tips

by Michael Gallant November 27, 2013

Performance contract adviceThe great drummer Art Blakey once said, “If you’re not appearing, you’re disappearing.” That’s the bottom line. The way the music business is structured, the live end is all-important to most artists. The talent buyers at venues are in the business of booking talent. Ideally, artists go through dedicated booking agents. That is the goal then, to ultimately attract a booking agent to represent you. Read more.