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Disc Makers, Samson, and Sweetwater team up for a $5,000 studio gear giveaway

by Disc Makers September 18, 2015

studio gear giveawayCo-sponsored by Samson, Sweetwater, and Backstage, the #StudioLife Sweepstakes offers a $5,000+ prize package that includes a mixing board, keyboard MIDI controllers, microphones, monitors, and more, as well as a CD package from Disc Makers and a distribution package from CD Baby. Read more.


A look at Ringo Starr’s enduring musical influence

by Keith Hatschek and Peter Hackett September 9, 2015

Ringo's musical influenceFew would argue that the drumming of Ringo Starr was one of the most singular aspects to the band’s music. We’re here to make that argument. Ringo’s playing added shape and texture to the band’s iconic recordings while carefully creating patterns and dynamics to create and resolve tension within each song. Read more.


Develop a home base before moving to regional music venues

by Jeri Goldstein September 4, 2015

music venues There’s an advantage to concentrating your live performance development in local music venues as you plan for future tours in new and wider territories. Start your career in a central place – your hometown or a town nearby – then expand outward from that central point. Read more.


CD Baby announces the DIY Musician Conference schedule

by Disc Makers September 2, 2015

music conferenceCD Baby is hosting its premiere DIY Musician Conference at Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago on October 23-25 in Chicago. There’s an impressive assortment of workshops, panels, and showcases scheduled, built specifically around the needs of independent musicians. Read more.


Why can’t every day be a music festival?

by Kev Rowe August 25, 2015

music festivalWe usually use music festivals as an escape from our normal lives. What I’ve been trying to do lately is keep a well-balanced, festival-like attitude and outlook all year round. To treat people with the same attitude and outlook I have towards them while I’m walking through the music festival on its trails and through the woods. Read more.

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Home grown crowdfunding tips

by Michael Gallant August 21, 2015

crowdfunding tipsThere are numerous ways to approach crowdfunding – including home-grown methods that don’t rely exclusively on the websites that facilitate the process. Singer/songwriter Linda Chorney has been creatively financing and her own album projects for decades. I interviewed her to get some of her personal crowdfunding tips on the matter. Read more.

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Have you outgrown your favorite music venue?

by Jeri Goldstein August 12, 2015

music venueGrowth is good, but grow with awareness as you move to the next level. The truth is, most acts move too quickly. They think they’ve reached a level of success that they simply have not. Carefully assess every step of your success before charging ahead thinking you’re ready to move on. Read more.


6 social media marketing tips for musicians

by Joanna Carpentier August 6, 2015

social media marketing tipsTake some time to implement these social media marketing tips, spruce up your profiles, and optimize your online presence to attract and engage your fans. If you build a strong artist brand and pay attention to analytics, you’ll be on your way to having a booming fan base on social media in no time. Read more.


Modify the drums (and more) when a venue pulls the plug

by Michael Gallant August 4, 2015

unplugged live music performanceLast week, Echoes published an article about my unexpectedly unplugged and unamplified live music performance at an outdoor festival. The entire band had to make adjustments to accommodate the requirements of the gig – and drummer Rob Mitzner, in particular, relied on a setup he’s customized just for such circumstances. Read more.

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Gigging without electricity – how we made it through the show in the park

by Michael Gallant July 27, 2015

gigging without electricityI had thought that, even though the gig was outdoors, we would have no problem plugging in amps and instruments. Many parks have outlets tucked away inside lamp posts and maintenance buildings, accessible for public events. As we moved closer to the date, we discovered the city would not in fact turn on the juice. Read more.


A guide to Apple Music for the independent musician

by Andre Calilhanna July 16, 2015

Apple music streamingApple Music is live and streaming, and for independent musicians who want in on the service, CD Baby is the go-to source to make music available on the platform. In addition to being an Apple approved aggregator, the editors at CD Baby’s The DIY Musician blog have embarked on a series of posts covering Apple Music. Read more.


Are you building a music career or just filling the calendar?

by Jeri Goldstein July 14, 2015

booking music gigsHave you ever felt frantic about getting more gigs on your schedule? Depending on your goals and where you are in your music career, that may be exactly the thing to do. If you are in this to create a lasting career in music, one that builds momentum and progresses from one level to the next, you need a plan when booking music gigs. Read more.


Expand your audience with opening act and support slots

by Jeri Goldstein June 26, 2015

opening actOne way to expand your audience is to serve as an opening act for a better-known artist on multiple tour dates or one local show. Sometimes you can get lucky and be in the right place at the right time, but if you’re more interested in strategy than chance, here are three suggestions to help you land some of these choice performance slots. Read more.


More thoughts on delivering great rock vocals

by Michael Gallant June 25, 2015

great rock vocalsRock singers are the rebel children of the musical family, and they sound like it. They do everything “wrong,” i.e., scream and use the voice in ways that are, traditionally, used in other places, like the battlefield or the bedroom. But there’s a lot more to rock ’n’ roll than whether or not you have grit in your voice. Read more.


Songwriter’s block: where does it come from?

by Gary Ewer June 23, 2015

songwriter's blockThe ability to think creatively is a product of “divergent thinking.” That’s a term that refers to one’s knack for exploring several possible ideas or answers in the processing of information. Certainly to be a songwriter requires it, but the inability to compose songs should not be automatically interpreted as songwriter’s block. Read more.