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Music News: Adele breaks sales’ record, Willie Nelson gets Gershwin Award, Shrapnel records catalog acquired by The Orchard

by Andre Calilhanna November 25, 2015

music news adele 25Whatever you think of Adele’s decision to follow the likes of Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke and sidestep streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, she’s proven again that she has the star power and “four quadrant” appeal to change the trajectory of album sales for the industry this year. Read more.


Music production basics – Part 1: amplitude and automation

by Robert Willey November 24, 2015

music production basicsControlling volume is one of the most important elements in audio production. Understanding amplitude, volume, normalization, and automation are all part of music production basics and will help you in the recording and mixing phases of your project. Read more.


Are you ready to work with a vocal producer?

by Keith Hatschek November 10, 2015

vocal producer in the studioTraditionally, a record producer is tasked with the big picture – the entire recording process. A vocal producer is a specialist who concentrates on getting the best vocal performance possible. We spoke with David Pramik to learn more about the role of a vocal producer and what benefits an artist receives when working with one. Read more.

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Music for video games: advice from a top music publisher

by Michael Gallant November 6, 2015

game music supervisorWhile you may find success placing music in smaller-scale video games, music publisher Jake Versluis (Director of A&R Creative for Position Music) says you need a long-term plan, a big-time work ethic, and really great music to land your work in the big-league titles. Read more.


Virtual instruments – the secret ingredient of film, TV, and video game music

by Martina McConnon October 28, 2015

virtual instrumentsEver wonder who plays the Hollywood scores? Not so long ago, film scores were recorded in studios and on sound stages. These days, that brilliant score might not have been played by a live orchestra. Technology allows virtual instrument developers to create near-identical versions of real-life instruments. Read more.


Music news: Happy Birthday’s disputed rights, vinyl vs. streaming, and the last CD-R for Taiyo Yuden

by Andre Calilhanna October 27, 2015

music news happy birthday“Happy Birthday To Me:” a complicated history – and future – for the world’s simplest song; vinyl sales continue to make headlines, with sales generating more revenue than free Spotify, YouTube, and VEVO combined; JVC and Taiyo Yuden to stop producing optical media – FalconMedia remains a reliable option. Read more.


The initial mistakes (almost) every young musician makes

by Dani Rabin October 19, 2015

young musician career choicesEvery young musician – or anyone starting out on a music career path – has a lot to understand about where to focus his or her time and energy. The bad news is that every field in music is extremely competitive. The good news is that once you decide exactly what you want to do, you will have a big advantage to finding success. Read more.


The independent musician’s guide to social media marketing

by Disc Makers October 16, 2015

social media marketing Social media marketing is free (mostly), it gives you worldwide reach, and it helps you interact with new and existing fans of your music. Learn to manage and optimize your social profiles with these posts and then pick up your guitar, hit the studio, or play your next show. Read more.


Collaborating with another musician can boost your exposure

by Alec Plowman October 13, 2015

collaborating with another musicianCollaborating with another musician can produce great creative results. At the very least, working with someone new can take you out of your comfort zone, introduce you to new songwriting practices and ideas, and force you to up your game. For independent musicians, it can also be a boost of exposure. Read more.

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Songwriting: advice and insight on the craft of writing a song

by Disc Makers October 8, 2015

songwriting adviceOver the years we’ve posted songwriting advice that covers music theory, children’s music, interviews with hit songwriters, excerpts from books, songwriter’s block, and a variety of other topics that relate to the craft of writing a song. We’ve collected them here – check ’em out! Read more.


The wide world of licensed music in video games

by Michael Gallant October 6, 2015

music in video gamesMusic in video games is not limited to the standard rock, rap, and EDM. Check out these examples of diverse music found in popular games. Nearly any flavor of high-quality, well-produced music has a shot at finding a home in some sort of video game. Here are just a few examples. Read more.


How to make money on YouTube with your music

by Jason Feehan and Randy Chertkow October 5, 2015

How to make money on YouTubeYouTube is the world’s largest music search engine. Within the last ten years, it’s also grown to become one of the primary ways people share and discover music. But YouTube is more than simply a promotional platform, you can make money on YouTube. It can drive music and merch sales, as well as advertising revenue. Read more.


Crowdfunding for musicians: tips, tactics, and trends

by Disc Makers October 2, 2015

crowdfunding for musiciansWe’ve been covering the topics and trends of crowdfunding for musicians for years. Here’s a collection of posts that tackle topics spanning settling on a platform, setting goals and timelines, pricing rewards, and a whole lot more. Check out these posts, and keep coming back, we’ll keep adding new content. Read more.