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Your elevator pitch should start a conversation

by Michael Gallant April 16, 2014

Artist branding and your elevator pitch While there’s no universal formula for creating an ideal musical elevator pitch, there are ways to help yourself communicate effectively in situations when you’re interacting with a potential new fan or industry contact. We’ve assembled tips from a trio of music industry professionals to help you spark productive conversations about your music — and avoid walking away with your foot in your mouth. Read more.


Money and music sales – a quick tour of current web stories

by Disc Makers April 2, 2014

Music sales and music discovery According to information posted on, Americans are most likely to discover new music via terrestrial radio. That’s right, AM/FM radio accounts for 35 percent of music discovery with another 21 percent polled saying recommendations from friends and family are their source for new music. Internet and streaming services pale in comparison. Read more.

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Recovery tips for your stolen instrument

by Molly Nagel-Driessen February 19, 2014

Recovering a stolen musical instrumentRecovering a stolen musical instrument takes persistence, and there’s a right way to cover all your bases and increase the chances of getting your instrument back. Here are seven tips to help you deal with the worst case scenario: how to recover your stolen musical instrument if you discover it’s been stolen. Follow this advice, and stay safe out there. Read more.


Building your online presence

by Andre Calilhanna February 14, 2014

Michael ShoupWe had people come to us when we first opened business saying, “I’ve been told by my manager that I need a website, and it needs to have a tour page and a photos page, and all of this other kind of stuff.” While that’s all great, and I think all that information is good to have, I think people don’t think critically enough about their online music marketing. I know I didn’t when I was first starting out as an artist. Read more.

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Tax tips for the working musician

by Keith Hatschek February 12, 2014

Friedman's tax tips for musiciansFor most anyone making money with music, the onus is on you to make the most of the various deductions that can be taken on your federal and state income tax returns. To help answer some questions to help you prepare for the inevitable, I spoke with veteran CPA and tax guru, Alan Friedman to get some tax tips for musicians. Read more.


Intro to music licenses

by Greg Savage January 31, 2014

Intro to music licensesThree common music licenses are the master, sync, and blanket license, but before we get into these music licenses, let me explain what licensing is. Licensing music is the act of giving a third party the right to use your material. That’s all it is. Whether you do this for free or fee is up to you and whatever you decide to negotiate. Read more.


Finding and nurturing your musical niche

by Jon Ostrow January 29, 2014

Find and nurture a musical nicheTo be successful you need to compete with the several million musicians worldwide who are online vying for the attention, loyalty, and money of music fans. By focusing on your musical niche, you have the opportunity to explore and create content beyond your music by incorporating your passions and interests into your daily conversation with your fans. Read more.


Ask a songwriter: 5 questions for Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik

by Andre Calilhanna January 28, 2014

Songwriting tips from John OndrasikFive For Fighting’s John Ondrasik exploded onto the music scene with the release of “Superman” in 2000. Having written thousands of songs in his youth, the public adoration of “Superman” stunned his mother – a way to actually make money songwriting and playing music! Ondrasik’s father was less surprised, recognizing he had dedicated 45,000 hours into honing his craft. Read more.


Ask a songwriter: 5 questions for Byron Hill

by Andre Calilhanna January 21, 2014

Tips from hit songwriter Byron HillOriginally from North Carolina, Byron Hill has been a professional songwriter in Nashville since 1978, with his songs generating more than 700 recordings, 77 RIAA certified Gold and Platinum awards, 10 ASCAP awards, and 31 US and Canadian top-ten chart hits. Hits Byron has written for major artists include “Pickin’ Up Strangers” (Johnny Lee), “Fool Hearted Memory” (George Strait), “The Pages Of My Mind” (Ray Charles), and “Born Country” (Alabama). Read more.


Ask a songwriter: 5 questions for Rachael Sage

by Andre Calilhanna January 10, 2014

Tips from songwriter Rachael SageA soulful vocalist and innovative keyboardist, singer, songwriter, and producer Rachael Sage has become one of the busiest touring artists in independent music, performing 150+ dates a year with her band The Sequins throughout the US, UK, Europe, and Asia. Sage’s own MPress Records released her 10th album, Haunted By You in 2012. Read more.

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Five easy ways to prevent music instrument theft

by Molly Nagel-Driessen January 8, 2014

Stop music instrument theftIf you’ve never been the victim of music instrument theft, chances are you know someone who has or you’ve seen at least one Facebook post about someone’s stolen music instrument. We’re sharing five simple things you can do to prevent theft and set yourself up for recovery in case it happens to you! Read more.


Give fans more reasons to buy your music

by Brittany Cooper January 6, 2014

How to sell more musicIn a world driven by social media, fans want to know what you’re up to, what you did today, and what you were thinking about when you wrote the lyrics to your latest single. In the new industry, this is where much of the value lies. Fans don’t need more ways to buy new music; they need more reasons to. Give them an invitation into the journey and you’d better believe they’ll pay to gain that kind of access. Read more.


Ask a songwriter: 5 questions for Kent Blazy

by Andre Calilhanna January 2, 2014

Songwriting tips from Kent BlazyGrowing up in Lexington, KY, Kent Blazy became musically inspired when he heard Roger McGuinn playing “Mr. Tambourine Man.” By the mid-70s, Kent was band leader, playing guitar and touring with Canadian legend Ian Tyson. A first place win in a national songwriting contest persuaded him to move to Nashville in 1980, and in 1987, Kent was introduced to Garth Brooks. The first song Garth and Kent penned together was “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” which became their first #1 song. Read more.


Choosing the right recording software

by Michael Gallant December 17, 2013

Recording MicrophoneOf the many recording software options available, which is the right one to help you get the job done in your home studio? While there are many options that can move you from first riff to final track, it can be confusing choosing the right digital audio workstation (DAW) for your creative process and musical output. Here are some tips from seasoned music producers and recording musicians to help you along the way. Read more


25 notable musicians who died in 2013

by Andre Calilhanna December 13, 2013

25 Lou ReedEchoes pays tribute to 25 of the music icons, music industry contributors, and legendary musicians who died in 2013, including Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, Patty Andrews, Reg Presley, Lou Reed, Cleotha Staples, Alvin Lee, Clive Burr, Bobbie Smith, Phil Ramone, Ray Manzarek, Cedric Brooks, Jeff Hanneman, Richie Havens, George Jones, Cordell “Boogie” Mosson, Marvin Junior, Allen Lanier, and Bobby Bland. Read more