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The many roads to an authentic vocal style

by Michael Gallant February 9, 2016

vocal styleFrom deep-throated, battlefield rumbles to pure, soaring tenor lines, there are many different ways to be an effective and powerful rock ’n’ roll singer. Find the direction that works for you, your instrument, your band, and your music. Don’t forget that there are many roads to delivering powerful and authentic vocals in rock and beyond. Read more.


Learn to listen and improve as a musician

by Michael Gallant January 27, 2016

improve as a musicianAs a member of multiple musical projects, I’ve discovered that even when you feel like you don’t have time, there are ways to move forward musically, steps you can take to put yourself in the best position to deliver a great performance once you step on stage or behind the glass. One of the most effective? Learn to listen. Read more.

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What to do after the interview

by Michael Gallant January 5, 2016

give a great interviewLast month, we published “How to give a great interview as an indie musician,” with advice on how to give a great interview for a newspaper, blog, magazine, radio, or whatever. A big part of making the best of an interview is knowing what follow-up to do once the interview is over — and a few things to avoid doing, as well. Read more.


Talk the talk: How to give a great interview as an indie musician

by Michael Gallant December 22, 2015

how to give a great interviewIf you’re at the point in your career where music journalists and bloggers want to interview you, it’s important to be prepared. Getting press requests but not convinced you know how to give a great interview? These seven tips can help you prepare, focus, and deliver an interview that can impact your music career. Read more.


Music for video games: advice from a top music publisher

by Michael Gallant November 6, 2015

game music supervisorWhile you may find success placing music in smaller-scale video games, music publisher Jake Versluis (Director of A&R Creative for Position Music) says you need a long-term plan, a big-time work ethic, and really great music to land your work in the big-league titles. Read more.


The wide world of licensed music in video games

by Michael Gallant October 6, 2015

music in video gamesMusic in video games is not limited to the standard rock, rap, and EDM. Check out these examples of diverse music found in popular games. Nearly any flavor of high-quality, well-produced music has a shot at finding a home in some sort of video game. Here are just a few examples. Read more.


Placing your music in video games: advice from Halo composer Tom Salta

by Michael Gallant September 30, 2015

Music in Video GamesWhen it comes to licensing music, most indie artists shoot for the holy trinity of film, TV, and commercials — but an entirely different market for licensing music has blown wide open: video games. Armed with the right knowledge, high-quality tracks, persistence, and a little luck, indie artists can begin to tap into this market. Read more.


Creative strategies to raise money for your indie album release

by Michael Gallant August 31, 2015

indie album release CMYou’ve got your songs, arrangements, musicians, and studio all set and ready to go; plans for CDs and publicity aren’t far behind. The question? How to pay for it all. Here are case studies, tips, and strategies from musicians on gathering the funds to make their own dreams of an indie album release a reality. Read more.


Home grown crowdfunding tips

by Michael Gallant August 21, 2015

crowdfunding tipsThere are numerous ways to approach crowdfunding – including home-grown methods that don’t rely exclusively on the websites that facilitate the process. Singer/songwriter Linda Chorney has been creatively financing and her own album projects for decades. I interviewed her to get some of her personal crowdfunding tips on the matter. Read more.

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Modify the drums (and more) when a venue pulls the plug

by Michael Gallant August 4, 2015

unplugged live music performanceLast week, Echoes published an article about my unexpectedly unplugged and unamplified live music performance at an outdoor festival. The entire band had to make adjustments to accommodate the requirements of the gig – and drummer Rob Mitzner, in particular, relied on a setup he’s customized just for such circumstances. Read more.

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Gigging without electricity – how we made it through the show in the park

by Michael Gallant July 27, 2015

gigging without electricityI had thought that, even though the gig was outdoors, we would have no problem plugging in amps and instruments. Many parks have outlets tucked away inside lamp posts and maintenance buildings, accessible for public events. As we moved closer to the date, we discovered the city would not in fact turn on the juice. Read more.


More thoughts on delivering great rock vocals

by Michael Gallant June 25, 2015

great rock vocalsRock singers are the rebel children of the musical family, and they sound like it. They do everything “wrong,” i.e., scream and use the voice in ways that are, traditionally, used in other places, like the battlefield or the bedroom. But there’s a lot more to rock ’n’ roll than whether or not you have grit in your voice. Read more.


How to deliver great rock vocals — and stay healthy doing it

by Michael Gallant June 17, 2015

Singing tips for great rock vocalsMatt Kramer made his name as the lead singer for the band Saigon Kick. The son of an opera singer, he’s an expert educator and vocal coach as well, and teaches at his Miami-area studio Kramer Voice Company. Here are some singing tips and strategies for great rock vocals from the master. Read more.


Got an unconventional gig? Use unconventional promotion.

by Michael Gallant May 4, 2015

promoting unconventional music venuesUnconventional venues require additional promo on your end and you should see it more as an active partnership with the venue. Rather than expecting the venue to promote you to their followers or patrons and pack the house for you, you generally will need to anticipate some involvement when it comes to spreading the word. Read more.