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The independent musician’s guide to social media marketing

by Disc Makers October 16, 2015

social media marketing Social media marketing is free (mostly), it gives you worldwide reach, and it helps you interact with new and existing fans of your music. Learn to manage and optimize your social profiles with these posts and then pick up your guitar, hit the studio, or play your next show. Read more.


Songwriting: advice and insight on the craft of writing a song

by Disc Makers October 8, 2015

songwriting adviceOver the years we’ve posted songwriting advice that covers music theory, children’s music, interviews with hit songwriters, excerpts from books, songwriter’s block, and a variety of other topics that relate to the craft of writing a song. We’ve collected them here – check ’em out! Read more.

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Crowdfunding for musicians: tips, tactics, and trends

by Disc Makers October 2, 2015

crowdfunding for musiciansWe’ve been covering the topics and trends of crowdfunding for musicians for years. Here’s a collection of posts that tackle topics spanning settling on a platform, setting goals and timelines, pricing rewards, and a whole lot more. Check out these posts, and keep coming back, we’ll keep adding new content. Read more.


Disc Makers, Samson, and Sweetwater team up for a $5,000 studio gear giveaway

by Disc Makers September 18, 2015

studio gear giveawayCo-sponsored by Samson, Sweetwater, and Backstage, the #StudioLife Sweepstakes offers a $5,000+ prize package that includes a mixing board, keyboard MIDI controllers, microphones, monitors, and more, as well as a CD package from Disc Makers and a distribution package from CD Baby. Read more.


CD Baby announces the DIY Musician Conference schedule

by Disc Makers September 2, 2015

music conferenceCD Baby is hosting its premiere DIY Musician Conference at Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago on October 23-25 in Chicago. There’s an impressive assortment of workshops, panels, and showcases scheduled, built specifically around the needs of independent musicians. Read more.


Every music genre in one incredible interactive infographic

by Disc Makers May 13, 2015

music genre infographicThis amazing infographic is an exhaustive exploration of just about every genre of music you can imagine – and a ton you’ve never heard of – with music clips and animation to help you connect any given musical style to its influences and the styles it spawned. Read more.


Top 10 CD Baby Albums: April 2015

by Disc Makers May 1, 2015

sawyer fredericksgeorge donaldson Here are the 10 best-selling albums in April: See all 10…


9 groovy facts about vinyl records

by Disc Makers April 9, 2015

The Golden LP recordPerhaps the most famous records in the universe are the two copies of the Golden Record aboard the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts. The records feature musical selections and spoken greetings in fifty-five languages. Instructions, in symbolic language, explain the origin of the spacecraft and how the record is to be played. Read more.


Top 10 CD Baby Albums: March 2015

by Disc Makers April 1, 2015

george donaldson/>Farmikos Here are the 10 best-selling albums in March: See all 10…


Don’t wait ’til the day after to get music instrument insurance

by Disc Makers March 19, 2015

Sister Sparrow & their music instrument insurance storySasha Brown of Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds had set an appointment to get music instrument insurance. Two days before the call, $11K worth of instruments were stolen out of the band’s van. Talk about bad timing. We talk about the break-in, theft, and almost having music instrument insurance in time. Read more.


Top 10 CD Baby Albums: February 2015

by Disc Makers March 2, 2015

george donaldsonFarmikosbanded salutations Here are the 10 best-selling albums in February: See all 10…

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Audio mastering for vinyl

by Disc Makers February 23, 2015

audio mastering for vinyl If the music program is sibilant overall, the audio can be cut at a lower amplitude, which can help with the distortion caused by the high frequency information. The result, though, is a vinyl record that’s at a lower level, and the surface noise will be more prominent – not to mention, it’s not going to be comparable to other vinyl albums. Read more.


How vinyl records work

by Disc Makers February 3, 2015

Vinyl-1200x628_fbVinyl records are back – of course, they never really went away, but how exactly do they work? We take a look at the history of vinyl and explain the science behind the sound of vinyl records. From mastering to manufacturing, we’ve gather insights on exactly how vinyl records work. Read more.


Top 10 CD Baby Albums: January 2015

by Disc Makers February 2, 2015

star bombrichie kotzenThomas Here are the 10 best-selling albums in January: See all 10…


Get exclusive deals and discounts from Backstage

by Disc Makers January 28, 2015

Backstage music gear dealsBackstage is a new program from Disc Makers that offers exclusive deals on music gear and provides member-only access to discounts on services such as gig booking and post-production mastering, plus plenty of other special offers created for the independent musician. Read more.