crowdfunding for musicians

Crowdfunding for musicians: tips, tactics, and trends

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We’ve been covering the topics and trends of crowdfunding for musicians for years. Here’s a collection of posts that tackle topics spanning settling on a platform, setting goals and timelines, pricing rewards, and a whole lot more. Check out these posts, and keep coming back, we’ll keep adding new content.

From your brand to your fans: Making music merch work for you (January 2017)
What’s in an artist brand? How do you develop one? And how do you best integrate your brand into your music merch endeavors?

I spent $0 at your show. Here’s why. (September 2016)
Don’t miss an opportunity to build a superfan relationship by blowing it at the merch table.

Crowdfunding 2.0: from project funding to career planning (April 2016)
Patreon offers artists with a following a path to a sustainable, recurring income through its platform, ushering in the era of crowdfunding 2.0.

Crowdfunding for Musicians: #DMchat Recap (February 2016)
For the February edition of our Disc Makers Twitter chat (#DMchat), we asked composer, singer-songwriter, and music business/branding consultant Cheryl B. Engelhardt for some crowdfunding tips for musicians.

Crowdfunding success is a process, not a fluke (February 2016)
To achieve crowdfunding success, you need a project, a plan, and the time and energy to execute it. With these things in place, you can help create unexpected opportunities.

Planning the rewards for your music crowdfunding project (September 2015)
When planning a music crowdfunding campaign, focus on getting more pledges from more people, enticing backers to pledge at higher amounts, and aiming to achieve your goals quickly.

Creative strategies to raise money for your indie album release (August 2015)
Just as your creative endeavors demand a fresh and personal approach to ring true and be successful, there’s an art to finding ways to raise funds for your indie album release.

Home grown crowdfunding tips (August 2015)
Grammy-nominated Linda Chorney shares some of the creative financing and tips for crowdfunding for musicians.

How to crowdfund your next project: 11 steps to success (August 2015)
A successful crowdfunding campaign requires doing the right things in the right order – and when executed correctly, it can maximize your backers and funding.

Four ways you can fund your next music project (July 2015)
Earning money with CDs, merch, and ticket sales is part of life as a musician. But how do you find money to get a music project off the ground? Here are four ways to fund your next music project.

The many ways to ask for the sale (June 2015)
When offering your music – or any of your goods – online, how you ask for merch or CD sales can impact how effective your offer is.

Give fans more reasons to buy your music (January 2014)
Fans don’t need more ways to buy your music, they need more reasons to. To sell more music, recognize that you bring intrinsic value to the equation.

5 secrets of the successful indie artist (October 2013)
Invite your fans behind the curtain and into your world as an indie artist if you really want to connect, grow your audience, and find success

Fan funding takes the risk out of a risky business (June 2013)
Fan funding can help you pay for your record and engage with fans in creative ways

Fan Funding: Should You Ask Your Fans for Money? (April 2013)
Fan funding isn’t about handouts, it’s about providing a shared experience with your fans

Fan Funding – 9 steps to find patrons completely on your own (February 2012)
In nine months, Cheryl Engelhardt raised over $25,000 in fan donations to fund the production of her record One Up. It’s possible, but no one will give you a dime if your campaign is “I really really want to make a record – please give me money!” You need to create an opportunity for your fans that will inspire them to participate.

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Planning your album from beginning to end

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