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Our studio and recording tips offer insight on acoustics, microphones, producing, gear, plug ins, and everything in between.

Ready to learn how to record your music in your own home studio? Looking for advice on recording and music equipment, acoustics and speaker stands, and everything in between? We’ve got a ton of guides, blog posts, and articles we’ve published over the years, and we’ve collected most of them here for you. Dig in to interviews with great music producers, tips on how to build your home studio, and recording insights from the pros.

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Home Studio Handbook

The Home Studio Handbook (August 2013)
Our comprehensive, hands-on guide to home audio recording, The Home Studio Handbook: Get Great Acoustics and Killer Mixes From Your Home Studio includes material from our previous five popular home recording studio guides – plus we’ve added a wealth of additional recording tips, techniques, and a glossary of music recording terms. The 40-page Home Studio Handbook is free and available for download now!

How To Record

Mixing Drums: How to mix drums and percussion in your home studio (November 2014)

Getting the best from your live music recording (November 2014)

Five tips for recording vocals at home (November 2014)

Home recording tips – 9 mic placements for recording a snare drum (June 2014)

Pre-production tips for recording drums (March 2014)

10 Mixdown Tips for the Aspiring Audio Engineer (September 2013)

Home Recording Tips – 10 Mic Placements For Acoustic Guitar (August 2013)

Home Studio Recording Tips From a Pro Studio (March 2013)

Your Home Studio Mix – Recording Tips For Better Results (February 2013)

How To Record A Great Vocal Take (August 2012)

How To Record a Snare Drum in Your Home Studio (August 2012)

Signal Processing For The Home Studio Owner: Part 1, Compressors, Limiters, and EQ (July 2012)

Signal Processing For The Home Studio Owner: Part 2, Gates, Delay, and Reverb (July 2012)

Quick tips for recording better tones in your home studio (June 2012)

How to Record Piano in Your Home Studio (May 2012)

Psychology and the Music Producer – an audio engineer often has to do it all (April 2012)

Re-amping and Your Home Studio (April 2012)

How To Record Bass Guitar – Recording tips for the home studio and beyond (April 2012)

How to Record a Saxophone – Recording tips for the home studio and beyond (March 2012)

Using compressors and limiters (February 2011)

Tips from the Pros

A study in record production: Miranda Lambert and Beck (October 2014)

Limit your takes and make better recordings (September 2014)

Audio repair and restoration: tools of the trade (July 2014)

Virtual synths and the art of imperfection (July 2014)

(Irreverent) Recording tips from Mitch Easter (June 2014)

So this guitarist walks into a recording studio… (May 2014)

Panning adds width to your audio mix (May 2014)

The four essential elements of EQ and your audio mix (April 2014)

Producing great hip hop vocals (January 2014)

Don’t boost – reduce! Subtractive equalization and your home studio mix (November 2013)

Producing Background Vocals (October 2013)

The Mantra of a Successful Recording Studio (September 2013)

SNL Drummer Shawn Pelton Shares Recording Session Performance Tips (August 2013)

Using Auto-Tune in Your Home Studio (July 2013)

Audio Mastering – The Mysterious Post-Production Art Form (June 2013)

Ear Fatigue and Mixing Music – Know the Signs, Avoid Mistakes (February 2013)

Food and the Recording Studio – A Serious Recording Tip (February 2013)

Dithering – Adding “Good Noise” to Improve Your Home Recordings (January 2013)

Making Beats With the Akai MPC (December 2012)

To capture the tone of Eric Clapton, George Harrison, and Tom Petty – stay out of the way (April 2012)

Home Studio Tips from a Big Studio Designer (April 2011)

Quincy Jones: Tools For Success (December 2010)

Recording Electric Guitar (November 2010)

Recording Acoustic Guitar (November 2010)

In the Studio with Michael Jackson (May 2010)

In the Studio with Trevor Horn (May 2010)

Analog Recording in Digital Times (Band of Bees, April 2010)

Creating a Great Composite Vocal Recording (February 2010)

Behind the Glass with Joe Chiccarelli (January 2010)

From Your Project Studio to The Sound Machine (December 2009)

Behind The Glass with Daniel Lanois (October 2009)

Drum Tuning Advice for Recording and Gigs (October 2009)

Gear: Advice and Reviews

The recording equipment you really need for your home studio setup (December 2014)

A quick buyer’s guide for your home studio microphone (December 2014)

My six favorite home studio accessories (this year) (December 2014)

Format options for your audio master (September 2014)

Choosing the right audio interface for your home studio (August 2014)

Choosing the right recording software (December 2013)

Isolation headphones and your home recording (December 2013)

Samplitude Masterclass – Creating Depth in Your Audio Mix (November 2012)

Recording Studio Microphones: Good, Better, and Wow! (May 2012)

More Studio Guides

Making A Great Master

SoundLAB Sampler CD: Hear the Mastering Difference

SoundLAB DVD Seminar: Mastering Tips From The Pros

The Musician’s Guide To Recording

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