Indie touring posts – how to be a DIY tour pro

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Our DIY tour tips teach you how to get gigs, improve your shows, make money, and survive on the road

DIY Tour Tips

Indie Touring Posts
Ready to book your own DIY tour? We’ve got concert booking and touring strategies that will help you get better gigs, make money, eat healthy, and survive being on the road. We also cover house concerts, set lists, stage banter, stage fright, working the crowd, and staying healthy so you can perform at your best. Dig in and hit the road, Jack.

Disc Makers presents Touring As An Indie
How To Tour As An Indie: On The Road (March 2012)
Excerpt from our DIY tour guide, Touring As An Indie: Strategies for booking, promoting, and thriving on the road.

Owning the crowd: music performance tips from the “One Man Sideshow” (August 2014)

What to do when the song is over (August 2014)

The power of a trash can ending (July 2014)

Ditch the pre-show performance jitters (July 2014)

9 things you should never do on stage (June 2014)

Help the soundman get you a great live music mix (March 2014)

Gigging, touring, and performance contract tips (November 2013)

Making magic when things go wrong on stage (November 2013)

Improve Your Live Music Show – Get Visually Creative! (August 2013)

Three Keys to a Compelling Music Performance (August 2013)

How I Bombed On Stage (July 2013)

Improving Your Music Performance Starts With a Vision (May 2013)

Touring Tips For International Music Gigs (April 2013)

International Music Gigs, Pt. 2 – Managing Your Gear (June 2013)

Making Money: Merch, Music Gigs, and Your DIY Tour (March 2013)

How to Get Gigs and Make a Living Playing Music (March 2013)

Tom Jackson interview: Part 1 (March 2013)

Tom Jackson interview: Part 2 (March 2013)

Stage Banter and Your Live Show (March 2013)

Saving Money While Touring (February 2013)

Seven Ways to Captivate a Live Music Audience With Your First Song (December 2012)

Singing Tips – Don’t Tax Your Voice Before a Vocal Performance (November 2012)

Working the Crowd… Offstage (November 2012)

A Great Show Doesn’t Happen By Accident (October 2012)

Stage Fright! Overcoming Music Performance Anxiety (September 2012)

Gig Etiquette – Set-Up and Breakdown Habits To Live By (July 2012)

Are You In Danger of Playing Too Much? (June 2012)

Freshen Up Your Live Show – 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Live Music Performance (May 2012)

Set List Tips – getting your song order together for your next live show (March 2012)

Tips for Surviving and Thriving on Tour (January 2012)

Being healthy on the road (February 2012)

Sell More Than Just Your Music – 9 Quick Tips to Boost Gig Sales (February 2010)

Indie Touring Strategy: Getting Out on the Road (April 2011)

Gigging and Touring as an Indie (February 2010)

Artist Booking Essentials: College concerts and the military market (August 2011)

Direct to Fan – The Art of the House Concert (April 2010)

Touring Tips for the 
Independent Musician

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